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Metroidvania Styled action game based on the Yume Nikki universe. Link to game in name.
Here's the direct download: http://www.atelierizumi.com/download/yumenikki_gensou_0014.lzh
The game runs in flash so you'll need that.
The site also has two other YN fangames on it that you all should be aware of as well as other goodies like music. Enjoy.

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Excellent game.
And,good arrangement from original Yume Nikki BGM.

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Holy crap guys it's at version now!


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File: 1290368309058.png -(331.6 KiB, 658x527) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

What is this thing, some kind of switch? It doesn't behave like other save points but the message changes each time I activate it.

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File: 1290371276975.png -(524.9 KiB, 658x527) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

And this is where you get the orb that gives you HYDRO STORM FACE. You can press up on the door but it doesn't do anything but give you a message.

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Where are you supposed to go after finding the broom?

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You still have to defeat the dopplemado in the same area.

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That is, there's a path before the one that leads to the devil boss, and that one will take you to dopplemado

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File: 1290377884270.png -(244.5 KiB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Yeah i did, its after that i cant find anything.

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Huh, I only have 8/9 mana bottles. I dunno where the last one I'm missing is. Also, you need to go back to the entrance area and go to around where you found the mid-air mana bottle. From there, just fly forward until you get to the air corridor.

For the record, I don't know if you have to be fully armed dopplemado to beat the game. Also there's an additional track that I just have no idea where it goes to.

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File: 1290400583585.png -(484.4 KiB, 658x527) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Oh, I found it, derp. I'm still curious about some of the other curiosities in the game, such as >>6060, which is above the start point and >>6061

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File: 1290401171002.png -(323 KiB, 658x527) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'll provide what the text says so some nice people who know their Japanese can see what this says without having to run through the game. When you enter the area and use the desk this is the first message you get.

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File: 1290401275049.png -(324.4 KiB, 658x527) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's the one that activates after using it the first time. After this it cycles between the two. It must be some sort of switch but it never stays switched. I'm going to look around the screen and see if anything changes.

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File: 1290401991767.png -(509.3 KiB, 658x527) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Well! Post game content! The next area is called Nightmare! The first enemy is one of the final bosses!

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And it has death pits!

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Your body...is not ready.

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The nightmare area has a couple of upgrades, one for your knife which gives it a ranged deal, and another for a skill that becomes obvious once you see what the final boss of the area is.

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Well, not ranged, but it has more range, is that I mean.

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File: 1290560889077.jpg -(32.3 KiB, 284x226) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I think this is a sequel to a game like this.

One sec~ finding it.

Hm. can't seem to find it. Thought I had it. Oh well.

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Funny thing, the latest release seems to have an updated version of said game, I think. I'm not sure how to access it but it's files come with the download.

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I figured it out, you hit left at the start (I guess after you beat the game?) and then you get three more options. The first one lets you access the game that came before it, the second one erases your best times, and the third is a music player that points out where it got the music from.

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Bump, because I finally started playing this.
What do the colored globes do? Are they only "area clear" trophies?
Also, is there some kind of map?

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The orbs are keys that you'll use to unlock a gate when going to Level 4 (and later, the final levels). The black orb however, seems to unlock Madotsuki's full screen attack.
And about maps, no, the game doesn't have one.

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damn those ghosts... is there any trick to not let them constantly throw you of a platform?

>> No.6672   [Delete]   [Edit]

Move quickly through the platforms to leave them behind. If that doesn't work, let them follow you into a corner and kill them.

I just finished the game, and I was missing 1 hp bottle. Where the heck did I miss that?

Also the ending scene. Someone translate it please. From the looks of the ending, this is bleep's dream, not hers.

>> No.6679   [Delete]   [Edit]

There's 1 HP and MP pot in each dungeon, and I believe 5 in the Entrance area. I've been playing this a lot and was thinking of making a map for it. Any ideas from anyone outside of taking screenshot after screenshot while playing?

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I second this. Someone for the love of everything Yume Nikki translate this game.

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It is an old version of the game, since it is missing the collapsing "danger bridge" and the one max HP-up after that, and it does not have a map of nightmare. I believe everything else is there, though.

Red S: Start
Green S: Save-point
Gray B: Boss
Red Circle: Max HP-up (Note: the red circle in level 5 points towards the tree enemy, but there is no max HP-up. It was probably there in an earlier version, but was moved to the place across the danger bridge in the newer version.)
Blue Circle: Max SP-up
Yellow Circle: Reward for clearing the area
Green Circle: Broom
Purple Wall: Areas need to be cleared in order to cross
Blue link between rooms: one-way path (i. e. through falling)
Number: caution point

Caution Points:

  1. The eyeballs' lasers are strong, but it is not difficult to simply pass through them without defeating them.
  2. Difficult place to cross - midair platforms and 2 ghosts to intercept you. Try to lure the nearest one to the start of the area (so you don't fall down) and kill it there - it is okay to try to dodge the other one without defeating it. (I actually was able to simply ignore both of them and dodge my way through - it is difficult to do, though, and takes some practice.)
  3. You can't access the upper-right room immediately (you need the broom).
  4. Four purple toriningens here, so be careful. Try to just take the item and escape. Be careful not to fall from above.
  5. Eyeball rush! It is not difficult to simply go through without defeating them.
  6. A big FC boss. You can simply go through without defeating it. Although you can't simply jump over it, you can pass through it using the down + x move.
  7. Onsen-san (the hot-spring creature you find after crossing over Sanzu no Kawa) is here. (Personal note: it is easy to defeat, but I was actually one able to pass through without defeating it by using move 7. If you want to do that, though, be careful to actually land on the platform where onsen-san is on, since otherwise, you will fall.)

Last edited 11/05/25(Wed)18:14.

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File: 1306347396858.png -(12.7 KiB, 1054x672) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Post of the map (as explained in previous post, it is missing Nightmare).

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There is an old diary that has been left here.
The writing has been blurred that they can't be read.

In other words: it is just there for decoration.

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