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Another question from someone wanting to make a game.
What's a good program for composing music or creating sounds? I have Audacity but I have no stock music/sounds and I'd really appreciate a file with footsteps, knocking, stuff like that. For the music, anything where I can put in the notes and change around the tone, etc. Sorry I'm so clueless about this.

And is scripting on the level done in Yume Nikki incredibly hard? I mean, I'm not trying to make my game as good as it or surpass it, but I'd like to try to make it a little interesting and engaging.

Help, please?

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First question: For making midi's I stick with the old 'Anvil Studio' software which is free. You have full control of the composition, and is generally a good program. For other types of music, you can either record or use more advanced sequencing programs.
To create sounds, take a microphone and get creative- Audacity records nicely with about every type of microphone. Computer microphones are easy to come by, and if I remember correctly Radio$hack had them pretty cheap at one time. Also, there are stock sounds everywhere on the internet- so you can also Google 'sound effects' for millions of hits that can be usable.

Second Question: The scripting done in Yume Nikki is large net of interconnected events, but if you understand enough of RPG Maker 2003's basic workings it is not above you to create a similar net (Or better.) in any manner.
Taking the code apart in Yume Nikki(if you aren'
t familiar with rpg maker 2k3 already) can help you understand concepts you can use in your own game- so don't be afraid to crack it wide open.

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Thank you! I'll look for that.

If anyone knows any websites/files with stock music and sounds, I'd be happy to see them.
Any other advice?

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Actually, I tried downloading it (using Crossover on my mac) and it said "ActiveX component can't create object, an unexpected setup error has occurred!"
Is there a version for Mac or something similar?

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Ah Macs, they are so unnecessarily difficult.
Anyways, try this page: http://xmidi.com/apps.html
and this page also, http://www.synthzone.com/midiseq.htm
to see if any of those might work better for you.
Also, for sound effects- just google it. There are a ton out there that basically copy off each other anyways.
You can also get some effects out of the RTPackage for RPG Maker 2003 which work just as well as anything you might find.

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Are there any good RPG Maker tutorials anyone knows of?

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Try either of these links for some tutorials. Included on the site are some other types of tutorials but both to my knowledge include a crash course in basic RPG Maker 2k3 programming.

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I've lost the thread for help with making effects

What do?

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