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Me: (talking to a friend about 2kki and .flow)
Friend: Someone should make a fangame called "Nightmare Diary"!
Me: ...Yeah.

I've been working on it for a looong time (started it when .flow 0.00.4 came out, I guess?) but I'm so lazy I don't even. Project started on RPG Maker 2k3, but I jumped to XP because I'm not used to 2k3 and, finally, to VX, because XP was annoying me.
Getting some screens up because you'll probably wait a long time for the actual game. This is the title screen.

So yeah, first beta should show up by the weekend or next week, specially because my official/main tester (I KNOW YOU'RE READING THIS, XEHA) is pestering me about finishing it.
The game currently has 12 effects, with about 6 or 7 accessible doors on the nexus with various areas inside, none finished though. Main character is a girl named Asura. The game will have three different endings, but I'm not sure if the first beta will have them.

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Bedroom. I'll probably change some things, SPECIALLY the bed, because the sprite is still the one from Yume Nikki.

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Incomplete debug room... Or should I say, The Bug Room? Thanks to it, I found a huge amount of eventing errors.
Temporary Madotsuki there, too.

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BUGS. EVERYWHERE. Making games is hard.
Also, Dreamer effect. 50% more recolor.

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Do want more screens.
Asura's facial expression is glorious.

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Someone recognized it
It's somewhat of a placeholder like Madotsuki tho, because I needed something to put in the Debug Room

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Ok, I'll take longer than expected to finish it. School's taking most of my time, and I don't want to release the game without most the promised areas ready.

Asura's angry with me too. She's been annoying me a lot lately.
Have a pic of her. I'd post screenshots but I'm not home now.

edit: school computer's not keeping my username ¬_¬

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Derpderp I'll probably take WAAY longer than expected to finish it. I have some maps done but I still have a loooong way to go, since I absolutely hate making tilesets. SPECIALLY for RMVX. That's the only bad thing about VX.

Anyway, some of Asura's effects and sprites:
Normal, Skates (walk faster), Television ( can switch channels), Singer (sings a little 'ooh' in differet pitches), Reverse (her walking sprites are messed up), Deadly (you can attack and walk faster, can only use after you have both Skates and Book), Dreamer (you can sit), Bunny (enemies stop chasing you), Book (ultimate weapon of DESTRUCTION), Loose hair and Endless.
Unsprited effects: Candle (might change to Flashlight but idk), Plushie (looks like a little demon blob thing but idk how to call it), Mad Hatter (drink tea, does nothing else), Rope (become a rope that moves around like a snake).
Also added a random Asura drawing at the right because I have a huge ammount of them.

Last edited 10/06/09(Wed)21:23.

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That was my idea~

>Implying a book can hurt someone


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The Reverse effect was the result of me importing the sheets from 2k3 to VX in the wrong way, so they got messed up and it was funny to see her walking in the completely wrong diretion xD

Also hard-cover books can be used as a blunt weapon! ...You just have to hit very, very hard.
Yeah I didn't have any other ideas for weapons and most of the violent ones are already taken.
And Asura likes to read, so yeah.

The three canon stuff about Asura: She's bipolar, she loves to read and her parents are keeping her locked in for some reason. I usually associate her with madness but I'm not sure if she's crazy or sane. The rest is pretty much floating in the air. I have a general idea of her backstory and the reason for her odd dreams, but I'm not too sure myself.

Last edited 10/06/10(Thu)17:01.

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>Her parents locked her in

That makes sense, extreme bipolar people are very, very dangerous to their environment. Especially if one of those is violent.

>Importing the wrong way

Nice excuse. Hell my idea is unique in the fact that it's gonna revert the now-extremely-cyberpunk egyptian palace to the one where what we want is.
Wait I didn't say it in Toxi's thread did I.
Good luck.
You know, I might actually play this tomorrow. It's 1:30AM right now and well, playing these games now is not Nightmare-safe.
Good luck with the rest.

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