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Erm... it`s me again. and now i have demo of my Yume Nikki-like Game.
Dreams of Dead: Scary Wonderland.
It`s like many others fan Games, but i tryed hard to make it interesing.
To launch you may need (or may not) to start it with AppLocal and russian setting, like Yume 2kki starting with applocale and jzpan settings in it.
Sorry, dialogs not translated, but its not very touching gameplay/
here it is... Aya starts her adventure in Dream world... Scary Wonderland.
version now is 0.30. Max version will be 0.50, not 1.0

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88.2 MB?

goddamn this is big.

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:/ I can't get your game to work. I've used basically every language in Applocale and downloaded several different times, but it crashes just before the title screen is supposed to come up.

Any ideas?

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Played it and got stuck at the bedroom part. Where do I go from there?

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if bedroom in start of game (at hospital) the sleep. If somewhere ib dream worl, search to exita like doors and windows...

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eeeh, it could have been better if you didn't rip some sprites of yume nikki.

i like it so far, though! :3

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Being a patriot, suddenly bump.

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>>4040 Just asking, why did you bump this? Was there a new version?

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Bugfix. Old, but bugfix

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Probably the greatest game of all /fg/
Too bad I don't know Russian. What are they talking about?

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Maybe, avtor translate this someday...
If you interest, I can translate for you some dialogues...

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That would be nice, thanks.

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"Avtor"? Как ты переводить-то собрался с такими познаниями?

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