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adv.game: May
Platform: PC/rm2k3.

This is the very, very first cut of an adventure game I took a month to cook up, and a day to cobble it all together as it is now.
It's filled with a ton of errors and broken areas, but it is finish-able!

The game has quite a ways to go, but will eventually come to a final product with some amount of enjoyable gameplay involved. Right now, it's all walking around and talking.
All tilesets/charasets are custom.

Hope you enjoy what little there is to enjoy of it- and I guess notify me of any major problems so that next time around they are properly disposed of.

Oh yeah! It's got three endings.

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File: 1302002945820.jpg -(1.2 MiB, 900x1350) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Hey there! You drew me fanart, so here's some for you! Also, your game is really cool - I absolutely love the graphical style and how it's rather story/decision-driven. Reminded me a little of Persona or something at the beginning.

Anyway, I drew May's little sister (could her name possibly be ...June?), because she's cute, has a really cool character design, and I thought it was really funny how she's just rubbing the table when you go into the kitchen - a subtle homage to the stairs-rubbing guy in YN, maybe?

Either way I likes her. So I drew her. Enjoy! Good luck on the game!

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Thanks for the much welcomed positive response! And that's a damn cool illustration. I should draw some more of your characters one of these days whenever I get a bug to.

You know what? Sure, her name is now June!

>june is now may's younger sister

I will add that into the script. She was supposed to be wiping the table with a cloth but it came out like she was petting the table like a dog. Heheh, it's a clever to compare KYUKYU-KUN to her though, especially to me due to some of the plans I have for her as the story gets developed more.

Either ways, thanks- And good luck on Answered Prayers! it's a very polished game.

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File: 1302157886760.png -(69.5 KiB, 660x522) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

. . .
I'm stuck o.o

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Sorry about that- I just uploaded a fixed version hopefully circumventing that problem.
You can find it at the same link I put up before.
Here it is for people in case they are just browsing the thread, not to confuse it with the 1st demo link.

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Is the blue door in this screenshot her bedroom? She won't go inside it for me, or even get directly in front of it, haha.

Just letting you know. I seem to be stuck :)

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It's cool- The more I hear about problems the more I can get them right.
First, you need to go upstairs by going toward the hole in the wall with arrow pointing up in the picture. Then, try going back to May's room.
It should work then.
If not, I'm uploading another fixed version that solves it too.

>> No.6913   [Delete]   [Edit]

Sorry, I probably should have mentioned the things I tried. Yes, I went up there and saw the cutscene. I talked to the sister and got the candy in the fridge, and tried going to the father's room already. She still won't enter the room, though :)

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ah, I should have suspected as much.
Try this updated copy instead, I believe I pinpointed the problem.
Thanks for being patient with it. I'll see that this type of situation is avoided in future versions specifically.

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That one works! :)

The game looks so super good, I love the style you decided to use for it.

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moga your graphics are as cute as ever. of course there are quite a few bugs but this is at least 20% cooler than every other fangame here. you've got me playtesting it from here on out. keep up the good work ;)

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File: 1305312402056.png -(1526 B, 80x96) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I forgot, but I must add for those who hate rpgmaker and refuse to install the RTP, you'll need to download this png, and the next.

Name this one system2c.png and put it in the System2 folder.

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File: 1305312506333.png -(10.9 KiB, 288x256) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Name this one vehicle.png and put it in the CharSet folder.

After this it should run just fine and dandy. Well, except for those bugs with the doors and walls. I'll give you more details later moga ;)

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File: 1306109072218.png -(2062 B, 59x86) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Thanks, Kaguya and Anon! The above posts ought to help anyone play, but I thought I fixed it where the rtp wasn't needed- but I 'll add those two picture files to the master file just in case. I'll admit that it's running pretty rough at this point, but I'm pretty sure it's all fixable, and when reports come in I fix the master file as quick as life lets me.

>Development Update

Earlier this year I decided to try to instead develop May on a engine with more freedom,
After much deliberation and testing, I decided to try to use LOVE which uses extensively use Lua in it's engine. Since I'm coding from scratch, it should end up different in a lot of respects. I want to be able to port the game to other systems, and if possible portable systems- for instance.

I'll cease at this point, if you have extended questions, bug reports, or just want to shoot the shit: the fastest way is to email me at /'watermelonoctopus@yahoo.com'/

Last edited 11/05/22(Sun)17:08.

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sweet, I will add your email to my contact list. sorry I don't have any bug reports, but really the only thing I notice is there are walls that aren't real walls, especially in corners of rooms.
and also there seems to be a lot of spawning right on doorways, so normally if you wouldn't be able to get through a doorway to the outside of the room, you can then. I'll post pics I guess later, but the idea here is to spawn the character on the space JUST beside the door, instead of the door itself. or place an invisible wall behind the door.

that's all the basic bugs I found. :)

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I'll see about fixing the door/wall problems in this batch of editing.

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If you port may to stuff like android, I'll love you. Really.
Then I'll be able to play it while I'm at the menta- oh nvm.
You heard nothing..

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File: 1306572430559.png -(52.5 KiB, 660x522) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

There's quite a few bugs with the game engine which I can't really say anything about, but after playing it for a while I can tell it's a superb game.

Also, I like the what seems to be an evangelion reference.

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I just downloaded the game and played for a while. While it's pretty buggy and I got stuck a lot, it's really awesome. I like that there's actually some interesting dialogue, and the spriting style is adorable.

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File: 1306799841717.png -(6805 B, 332x562) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

doodman:I didn't hear any~thing~...
but I'm definitely going to get it on a mobile platform- this is one thing I'm determined to do. Everyone I know that would be inclined to try it has a mac, android, i-pad, and what not- so I kind of have to.
rlabs: thank you you trying it out- and I'm glad you enjoyed what I put together so far.

I just finished a rough script for the next version of May, and when I get something worthwhile coded- I'll release a test version using the new software/coding.
I'm still considering which to use- it's a sticky situation since I'm not that well-versed in software development and I'm looking to put out the software on as many systems as possible.

>> No.7360   [Delete]   [Edit]

I want to give a little critique.

It needs work on collision and the placement of many of the teleport events, I've transported to places in the wrong areas (such as triggering a transport event by walking in front of a door instead of into it) and there are a LOT of places where you can walk straight through solid objects and on walls, not to mention a few inescapable dead-ends.

A number of events just give me a black screen preventing me from doing anything but restarting.

The silence is driving me nuts. At the very LEAST you should add menu and footstep sounds in your next release.

Negatives out of the way, I like your level design, find your simplistic art style and chibi-ish wide-faced characters cute and appealing, and, as stated by others previously, the dialogue is interesting and put together well. The concept is creative, and your game has a lot of potential. I'm really looking forward to your next release.

>> No.7497   [Delete]   [Edit]

Thanks so much for your critical look at May so far-
I'm working heavily on all the complaints you had dictated so far about the next release of May. Particularly with sound and collisions. I've got a set of soundeffects I believe should be just about perfect, though I still don't really have any concrete music selections.
Collisions are actually at the moment one of my biggest concerns- which I'll address why in the next post.
About the positives- what can I say but that I'll do my best to expand those elements further.

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File: 1307830060088.png -(11.3 KiB, 479x476) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Alright! I've kinda settled on a new development platform for May called Stencylworks, which means that to play May now all you need is a Flash Player- or a browser which plays it.
I'm hoping this will allow it to be easier to play for everyone who wants to.

I'm redoing the graphics, most of the levels, figuring out a better way to display the dialogue events in-game, and much more.
Particularly I have to construct a lot of what May requires terms of menus and such ground-up, so it's going to take a while again.

The graphic accompanying this is a screen shot of the test run I worked through today, trying to figure out possible default layers, collisions, and such.

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File: 1308426892428.png -(14.1 KiB, 600x599) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The Base System is starting to come together nicely.
There will be a very simple dialog interface- and it'll be much more of a platformer this time around. This type of simplification of basic interfaces will be a trend. I want to keep the game streamlined, for player sanity as well as my own in the lovely adventure to come of debugging.
The movement set won't let you jump 20ft in the air- but you'll be able to run and grapple ledges.
I am debating on how to let players transform may. Now that I do not have use the traditional menu>item>switch'equipitem' that was used in yume nikki- it's given me much to think about how and if I want effects in the traditional sense. I'm not looking to make a copy of YN, just a game dealing with the theme of cute girls with their inner psychology creating a inner world for them to explore. Taking a step back, now that I don't have pre-built systems to battle with- I have to now consider if May has a subconscious that even seeks transformation. And if she does- what(in her eyes) would be the module to which that could occur?

Btw, that screen shot is of May and a minature version of the rain girl from the outside of the club in the dreamworld from the 2nd release being tested in a city-themed room. Those bars are healthbars- I'm leaving them there for moment but no idea if they'll stay.

Last edited 11/06/18(Sat)12:55.

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File: 1310337996202.jpg -(2.1 MiB, 1275x2414) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Oh boy, I NEED this game.
I just rediscovered it, after having somewhat forgotten that I had already discovered it.

I'm really looking forward to this especially because this isn't just a remake/homage/rip-off of the one that started it all. Like, I just played .flow for the first time. It's great so far. It seems like it trumps YN in every way, but somehow I feel guilty playing it. I'm not sure if that makes sense, though.

Well, definitely keep up the work. This is a game I'm really anticipating.

If you ever want some extra help, advice, or anything, I'd absolutely love to lend a hand. I was working on some of the sound design for the original Uboachan fan game, way back when the board started, but kind of jumped ship after things didn't go a pleasing way. If you ever want some sound stuff, I'd be more than willing to give it a shot and send some samples or anything. I mean, if that's something you might need.

Take care! Keep pushing on!

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File: 1310355010074.png -(3694 B, 367x297) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Thank you so much!
You're so getting a contact later this week!
Is should I contact you at deviant art or in some other manner?

>> No.7785   [Delete]   [Edit]

Well, you're free to contact me on dA, but if you don't have an account there or anything, I can always give you an email or something ^^

I'm just usually a bit weary about putting my email up on imageboards, although I know Uboachan is pretty low-key.

>> No.7788   [Delete]   [Edit]

Also, totally lookig forward to talking to you about the game!

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File: 1310562392912.png -(963.9 KiB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

moga i love your art so much.
i made this bg for you/to give to your fans

>> No.7795   [Delete]   [Edit]

holy crap! thank you so much!
I'll start linking people to this, and when I get a proper website going for May- I'll have it for the peoples to download if that is cool with you.
Also, thanks for that coverage on the news page.

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File: 1310728827673.png -(1.4 MiB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm so happy you like it :)
I have an updated version too, with more poppy effects, but it's generally the same.

I want to make some more backgrounds featured on your work, but I'm not sure what I want yet. I'll post them here and on my dA when I make them though :)

I've been wanting to help out with things, so I'm glad I can help excite people with some bg work

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File: 1311905464575.png -(10.8 KiB, 638x479) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Update: I'm continuing development in RPG Maker 2k3, as testing in other platforms have not been as successful for what I'm trying to achieve with May- which is somewhat astounding to say.
In any case, as with the trend of previous updates major changes are to be expected.
For one, I would like to put special emphasis on:


That's right, no annoying attempts at audio by me- K. who offered his services earlier has proven to be a very effective musician, and I'm sure will add a vital dimension to this game.
The game's maps have also been dramatically reduced in favor of a different approach- solving many of the entry bugs, black screens, and other related map problems.
May's other gameplay and storyline differences are going to be released later as the next build forms.

Ideas for alternate controls for effects would be appreciated and utilized as I'm phasing out the main menu process for items and equips in game. There is already a partial system in place, but I'm open at this point to other ways if preferences are suggested.

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Wonderful to hear this. You're practically my favorite fangame creator.

>> No.8375   [Delete]   [Edit]

Ok so since I got out of the hospital a week ago (you didn't think I'd left because I forgot uboachan now did you) it's time to bump this!
Also, moga, marry me!~
(may is already my waifu. ....well, my real waifu is mai, close enough)

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File: 1314850601713.png -(2488 B, 166x109) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Thank you guys! It's so lovely to hear the praise!
And since it's the wine I'll probably marry anyone now if they ask nicely.;p

so the update this time is-
I made another small adventure/action game for a competition but i failed- so.... i guess it was a bad move on my part- but! here's a link to it:
It's called: 'I'm scared of girls'
The premise is a crossdresser named Lamb dies and must cut his bonds to his former life to proceed rebirth.

good news is a lot of the lessons i learned with this is going into the new may build, and K. the soundbrother is making good headway on the music.

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should I make a shirt out of this game?

>> No.8484   [Delete]   [Edit]

I say go for it- I don't see anything wrong with that if you would like to. It could be pretteh cool.

>> No.8510   [Delete]   [Edit]


This was a good game. Is the story autobiographical, in a sense?

>> No.8515   [Delete]   [Edit]

Thanks! In a sense, though totally not strictly.

>> No.8520   [Delete]   [Edit]

I'd offer my help with music composition (I can do quite a lot, though it usually takes quite a while) though I might be going back to the hospital/a similiar mental-oriented place, very soon. However, if fate has me staying, I'd very much like to help with some music, if only a little.
(note: I'm not another one of those "hey I just picked up fruityloops lulz" people. While I have not released anything yet, I can do enough)

>> No.8524   [Delete]   [Edit]

If you get a urge to, I would welcome your musical assistance.
After some thought, I'm going to try keeping a unified feel with the soundtrack, meaning similar instruments for the songs- not as eclectic as some games.
So when you feel like it- I'll give some particulars and a couple files/programs. It'll probably end up being laid back chip-tune.

>Currently I am working again on storyline, and how to arrange and present it. A big help mentally is the implementation of past builds as canon history to use in the new build's storyline. We'll see what happens with the dreaming this time in this build, as it'll shift again.
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File: 1315618338633.png -(8198 B, 431x609) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.8562   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1315723486465.png -(133.9 KiB, 424x783) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.8566   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1315756892919.png -(10139 B, 464x587) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

First thing's first:
You just made logging onto the internet today worth it-
I like it!

>May Update Time

I changed the game significantly from a daily dream simulator, to something more intuitive for me to handle in RM2k3.
I downsized the goals to actually win the game, but expanded the game world significantly. Why? I want put a emphasis on exploration and uncovering hidden stories. And, to have a excuse to include a trash can shield.

>> No.8567   [Delete]   [Edit]

I'm glad you like it :) Hope not saying anything didn't make me look pretentious. I was just sleepy haha.

May really stands on its own, totally unique compared to other fan games here, in my opinion. I can't wait until it's finished.

>> No.8576   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1315821874386.jpg -(78.1 KiB, 1024x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'd draw fanart but I suck, so.

>trash can shield.

I'm gifting you 20 internets right now.
Pic related, it destroys the world more than dividing by zero does though. It's mfw this.

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File: 1316445807503.png -(1215 B, 44x60) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Not too bad for a game where, like I explained in the comments for this review, I forgot about the ending completely.

>May Status

It's new concept essentially in place, I'm tinkering together how it will play. It's coming together, but slowly due to some technical wrinkles that need ironing out.

>Another freaking game

If you saw the creepy short games thread-
I sort of got a bug in my head, and especially after playing some other video games, to make another short game. When I'm finished with it, I'll post it here as well.
The side image is a promotional I made last night for the small game, which is called 'Safety'. It is small like the game.
I'll admit that the minotaur and Lamb have the same dress on.

>> No.8720   [Delete]   [Edit]

I just decided to check the board, for kicks, and saw that yr already underway unveiling these new ideas!

This is fantastic and exciting. It's great to see there is support for the game too.

If yr up for it, I wouldn't mind posting some music up for the folks to hear. Although, I was thinking of mostly scraps and turned down pieces, as to not spoil the game, unless you would want a bit of a teaser-taste.

It's all up to you, Mr. Moga.


>> No.8721   [Delete]   [Edit]

Also, I like this one, because:

A) I make that face sometimes when I'm nervous or momentarily frustrated

B) I think a bit of perceived-chubbiness is cute :x

>> No.8723   [Delete]   [Edit]

I say post what you feel like within your best judgment- you never know what could end in the game at the end of it all at this stage, so I don't think you'll need to worry too much about the spoilers.

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File: 1316738784929.png -(2182 B, 221x198) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Just finished another game called 'Safety'

it has no music right now- so when you play it, I'd try listening to some Brother Android, or Mogwai. Or whatever you like listening to.

i'm sick and pretty delierious so there are probably more bugs than cans of raid in the world in this game, but hopefully it's playable

>game link
>size: about 2 megabytes I think


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