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Hello, I'm new to the board but I've been a fan of Yume Nikki for a few years now. I'm taking a class in which I'm learning to use the Unreal Development Kit and I've decided to recreate Yume Nikki as my final project. I don't really intend on fully recreating it, just a few levels, but if it does come out well I'll gladly release it.

As of now I'm just getting started with some Madotsuki concept art. I don't want the game to look too anime, so I'm trying to steer away from that and try various styles. I'm pretty much settled on #7 (maybe with #6's eyes) at this point, but I'd like to hear your opinions! Any other comments on the project in general are welcome.

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Oh and I'll add the window later. Messed up my workflow and don't have time to add it atm

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awesome! though something
(other than the missing window)
seems a bit off..?

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Wow, it looks beautiful. Good work!

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Yessss! Keep it up! :D

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Maybe because her eyes aren't closed? Or her braids are too long?
But this is is unjustified nitpicking I guess, the model looks amazing to me!

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Well, the creator did say that he was going to be modeling Mado in a different style since the first post in this thread, so, uh... yeah.

Great job, by the way, the model looks awesome.

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She looks a lot older now.
I was hoping you'd go with something more like >>1916 but this looks fine too. I just think it might look weird in game. Btw is the game still going to be top down? Because I think if it had something like Silent Hill where the camera changed depending on what room you were in and where you were in the room would be cool and add to the atmosphere and outdoors it sort of just had the camera follow you. I also think a third person camera that would be controlled by the mouse would be sweet and would TOTALLY add to the whole exploration element. In fact I 100% ABSOLUTELY recommend you at least have the third person camera as at least an option. It would work well with the gameplay too since you never need to have more than one hand on the keyboard. Keep up the great work OP what you have so far looks amazing. SERIOUSLY ADD A 3RD PERSON CAMERA THAT'S CONTROLLED WITH THE MOUSE AS AN OPTION!

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It is already 3rd person, but stuck behind the player. I am going to make the camera mouse controlled if possible (if I even get that far lol). As it is you can't even see the character's face in the game which really stinks, but I simply know nothing about scripting so for now I'll just continue to work on assets as long as it can pass as my classwork.

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I love you OP. Please keep up the good work.

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Sounds great man but the only problem I see with that is areas like the one were you get the bike etc where you it's supposed to be hidden and I feel like with the third person camera it'd be to easy to find shit 'cause you'd see it in the distance.

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Well you could cut visibility down in-game for a 3d game so that it's a bit like wandering in the dark. So theoretically you wouldn't see everything in the distance. If you upped the fog factor a la Silent Hill (only with, you know, darkness) it could really up the dread factor involved and maintain the difficulty.

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Yeah, that. I wouldn't have to cut the visibility down that much for the levels to still be disorienting in 3D. The gameplay would obviously be different since it's no longer 2D top-down, but in sacrificing the inability to see off the screen, you are gaining a lot of possibilities in depth and altitude than you can't do with 2D. So if I ever got that far with this project, I would be changing stuff around to take advantage of that.

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File: 1274255427827.png -(1.2 MiB, 720x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Haven't posted in a while so here is a little progress on the bedroom. Still have a ton of work to do on it!

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I just thought about it, won't it be really hard to recreate the surreality of the game? I mean, there's areas that don't seem like they'd work well with 3D. Like where you get the bicycle. Or plenty of other ones.

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I don't really see any particular difficulty in recreating the area where you get the bicycle. Should I get that far, I do intend to put more into the rooms than just recreating them. I could easily just copy everything, but a lot of the levels are made to work with top-down 2d graphics. There are plenty of ways I can make it interesting in 3d, though. The only thing limiting about 3d is the fact that you are able to look around you, which is only limiting if you limit yourself to copying the original. If I run into something that just doesn't work well in 3d, rest assured I won't be applying it, but will instead replace it with something else. I have no intention of being faithful to the original to the point that it makes the game boring.

This is all if I get that far in the first place lol

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Also, there are a lot of areas that will actually work better in 3D (if you consider getting more lost in this type of game better), like the red maze, forest, mall-like area (above the escalators), etc.

I need to design the landscape outside of her room tonight. Not really sure what I want to do. I feel like there should be no nature in sight of her room as that could really add to her depression.

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What modelling program are you using?
Also, where did you learn to draw like that?

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File: 1274384101232.jpg -(16 KiB, 200x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Are you using maya for your models? Looks like it. I was wondering around with a similar idea since a short period of time, also with the Unreal Engine :P My idea is even lesser a copy from your ideas but it has a very similar gameplay as Yume Nikki. I already have this story for 2 years. (Before I ever played Yume Nikki.) At first the game idea was like a casual RPG, since playing Yume Nikki I totally replaced it with this sort of gameplay but I'm planning on guiding the player some more, with the thought aiming for a larger variation of audience. (Reaching a larger audience is impossible. :P)

I will have to train more modeling cus my modeling level is below yours. :P
The attached picture is the last model I made.

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File: 1274412407028.png -(162.7 KiB, 457x671) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm using 3ds Max 2010. As for where I learned to draw I dunno I guess the internet??

been playing around with viewport shaders all day niiice

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File: 1274453670775.png -(158.2 KiB, 440x671) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

forgive me for not realizing a meshsmooth would make this ballin!

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Wow, this is just beautiful. <3

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Love her, Anon. I'm rooting for you to continue on this project.

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OP, you just made me shit a fucking 300 ft brick chimney that proceeded to launch me into the stratosphere due to the force of how hard I shat it.

This is amazing, I can't wait to see what the final result turns out to be like, even if it is a mini version of Yume Nikki.

Absolutely loving everything that I've been seeing. Keep up the bitching work, bro.

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File: 1274556790209.jpg -(326.7 KiB, 493x664) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This, forever. I cannot wait for this to have a development, man.

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i would die to see this irl

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Holy fucking asscrackers. These look goddamn amazing. You didn't really need to hear that again, but there it is! I'm extremely excited to see what you'll do next, OP. Fantastic work!

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Be careful when using mesh smooth, sometimes it fucks shit up when importing the model into the game! Does the unreal engine not have a smoothing option or something?

This is really amazing OP, I wish I had half of your skills. I've got 3D classes in my college but they kinda suck since it's not video-games related..

Great job!!

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lol don't worry nothing will be mesh smoothed in the game, I should probably do normal maps eventually though

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Oh man this is looking SO good!

About her room, don't forget her aztec-patterned rug. Other than that, I'm really loving these models!

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File: 1274951275352.png -(608.3 KiB, 720x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Yeah I didn't forget the rug I just gotta move on to the exterior for now lol

Very very rough block-in of the city outside of her bedroom. It is up to the player to guess where she lives so I ran around Osaka in Google street view and got some inspiration from the packed neighborhoods there that had apartments with similar balconies. I would like this to come out really nice but I am not very experienced with environments so it probably won't!

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Save the difference between the smooth and default model in a normal map and use it as material, would have the same results at the faces but the edges will still look like the sharper edges in the non-smoothed object. But I don't think that realy matters. Unreal Engine has a tool build in to create a normal map from two models but i don't know where to find it.

Last edited 10/05/27(Thu)06:00.

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I'll just take her into Zbrush when I get the chance, needs more detail in the hair and shoes particularly

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I don't have the words to express how awesome this is.

OP, keep it up.

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This is the first time I've been to Uboachan. All I have to say is keep this shit up man; it looks awesome!

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Hey OP,

I am currently modeling my own sets of anime style characters and I was wondering do you have any tips on texturing?

I seem to struggling with this quite a bit.

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Nice work kouotsu, you should check into /3/ if you ever need any help, but from the looks of it you seem to have everything under control.

You mentioned having only 4 weeks to make this, that's incredibly fast. From what I can recall, you've only been modelling for roughly 2 years now, so it's pretty cool to see you doing great stuff like this.

Just a question I have, but how difficult would you think it to model 2 characters, a few spells, various monsters and 1 landscape in 3D for someone who has had very little experience in modelling? I tried 3ds max in high school and really enjoyed it, but moved into maya once i hit uni. Still, my knowledge in either is severely poor, and I'm considering going into blender for 3D work. My project would be to make a game in 3D, but I have a programmer doing the code-based sections of it. We'd also have half a year to work on this.

Rather, a easier question would be how long did it take you to model Madotsuki, and were there any useful tutorials for you in the process?

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Thanks for the compliments. It's hard to say how easy or hard it would be; I think a lot of art experience will help a lot if you have little 3d experience. I've been drawing characters since forever so modeling a character comes a lot easier to me than modeling an environment.

I think I modeled the little catgirl Madotsuki over the course of 2 days, textured her in like 2 hours. I just edited that and rebuilt the head to create the normal version of her. Another 5 or 6 hours for that is my wild guess. It's a very simple model, though.

I honestly have almost never used tutorials, but they are definitely important and I should start using them. I know there's a ton out there. I have browsed around 3dtotal looking for stuff and their tutorials seem good. The Joan of Arc tutorial is mentioned by like everyone on the internet. I would suggest sticking to Maya if possible just because there's probably a lot more tutorials out there for it than Blender. In any case good luck. A couple of people have asked me how to do stuff and I am just not experienced enough to give a good answer!

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Thanks for the fast reply! I've been drawing for awhile now, so it's not as though I just decided to jump into character design, but I'm not near your skill level (that Suwako you drew on /jp/ was great btw).

I remember reading you attend a school that teaches this stuff specifically, so it's no wonder you've used no online tutorials. Still, 2 days is incredibly fast, I spoke to someone at my uni and it took them 1 month to model/rig a character in blender, so it had me thinking that was the timespan. Of course, it might just come down to you being fast, at which rate I'd assume it would take about 1-2 weeks for my first rig? Did it take long for your first? It would be fairly simplistic, one of my artist models is the megaman artwork.

I am surprised to hear you model pieces individually, though it would probably save a lot of time doing so. Anyway, that's enough about my stuff, I wish you good luck in this project, from the looks of things it'll turn out amazing.

(Also, would be cool to see you draw in the Touhou Headphones Artbook, I really admire your stuff and would love to say I drew in the same book as you, as much of a fanboy as that makes me)

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Well, I model through box modeling, so every main body part starts out as a primitive shape (not always a box though so I dunno if it's technically "box modeling"??? semantics). For instance, look at the normal Madotsuki model. The shirt started out as a cylinder. Her head started out as a sphere (I normally use a box for the head but a sphere worked out ok for this), legs were also cylinders, feet were boxes, ponytails were cylinders. I'm sure it's not difficult to see all of this. The only particularly time consuming parts were the base of the hair and the hands.

She only took 2 days because she is so simple and stylized. If I tried to do a relatively realistic character it would probably take as long as that person you talked to. As far as rigging goes, it's just another couple of hours for me since her mesh is as simple as her design (also because I used the 3ds biped so I didn't build my own for once).

I am going to try to draw for the headphones book I just dunno if I can make the time.

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Neat looking stuff, do you have any tips on texturing?

I can model well enough and do anything else such as lighting and rigging but texturing like this seems to throw me off of a curve and any tips would be helpful!

>> No.2883   [Delete]   [Edit]

When I textured this character, I decided to try BodyPaint, which is an interface within Cinema4D that lets you paint your texture directly onto the model, and has tabs to switch back and forth between the model and the flat texture. It really sped up my texturing time and obviously helped with seams a bunch. It also has layers and layer effects similar to Photoshop's. CS4 has something similar to this, but BodyPaint runs leaps and bounds better than CS4's attempt.

But for the record I'm terrible at texturing anything aside from simple cartoony characters lol

>> No.2895   [Delete]   [Edit]


Ah, I'll have to try out body paint then!


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Just, holy shit

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File: 1276096139225.png -(126.3 KiB, 683x384) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

another wip...! I am running out of time as usual! I want to add a lot more to this but I will just texture what I have modeled for now

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This thread needs a bump cause it's the most promising game in /fg/.

>> No.3444   [Delete]   [Edit]


... Don't recognize that area...?

>> No.3463   [Delete]   [Edit]


It's the view from outside the balcony


>> No.4032   [Delete]   [Edit]


Still there, OP? Any progress?

Hope this didn't fizzle. ;__;

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I'm still here. This is probably going to be on hiatus or I might be done alltogether. I have less than a year before I graduate so I need to start putting together a demo reel and it can't be all fanworks or anything lol. So I gotta start working on original characters etc. I need to get out of fanworks and focus on original ideas in general. I might revisit this in the future but it's likely I'll start from scratch and make a cute little game in Unity or something instead. May even do something with completely original ideas instead of cloning Yume Nikki. I have been doing practically nothing but fanart/fanworks for years, so I hope you guys understand and will support my endeavor to rediscover my own creativity!

>> No.4224   [Delete]   [Edit]

Ah, that's a shame. But completely understandable, OP. Good luck. :D I do look forward to a tentative return with whatever you plan to bring us in the future. :3

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