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Um...Well, someone explore this, since it's already late enough for me to be scared to impossible levels in here, and I need my sleep.
No picture because everything in there is encrypted to the .xyz format.
You can find it in the usual fangame place.
Also, what's the translation for this one?

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Oh I want to get the pirate one D: and the pumpkin one looks cool xD

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I am a producer of this game.

Because "kudaranu mousou no" is a stop of opening to the public, I would like you to erase the file.


Thank you for the prompt action^^

Last edited 11/06/08(Wed)01:33.

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Deleted it. If you are really melth... can we have an autograph?

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No autographs for us. Damn.

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.flow yume nikki

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Think you missed the searchbar, buddy.

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File: 1307406402320.png -(348.5 KiB, 544x416) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Name : Yume Quikki
Platform : PC / RPG Maker VX
Website : http://3ns.moofah.com/yume-quikki

Old Project : http://uboachan.net/fg/res/5503.xhtml

My, my ... it would appear that the summer is heating up with projects. As I feel that I am beginning to close in on chapter zero of my newest project, I'll lay down some tidbits of information and some screen shots. This game will be an eclectic mix of a parody, scripting laboratory and artistic experiment as no tilesets will be used in the creation of the game.

[ "What's with the name?" ]
Since I began my other project, 'Somnolence', I always found myself unable to keep excited and on task about putting Yume Nikki fan game. I came to the conclusion that I disliked trying to keep the project in a 'serious' mindset and always began to deviate into the light-hearted realm.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Last edited 11/06/06(Mon)20:12.

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I DEFINITELY would like to see .flow references.

Also, if you can, you have GOT to make fun of the fact that almost every fangame creator likes to include at least one gigantic void with a picture scrolling in the background for no reason other than the fact that Yume Nikki has a lot of them. Also a Toriningen clone is absolutely necessary.

>> No.7437   [Delete]   [Edit]

Mm, I've been trying to keep map sizes to one screen per area, but I might throw in a 500x500 square map (32 pixels per square; 16,000 by 16,000 pixel screen) with one sole NPC in it just for fun. Not sure, we'll see. I'll work something out to include the most offending map problems that are typically included with fan games.

I'll work in a few .flow references, although I don't have much experience with the game. I think I have a few cameos squared away as well as a few areas in mind, we'll see how it goes.

Toriningen are pretty much a given and they'll most certainly be making an appearance. I've been slowly working on their sprites since the beginning on this project.

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Obligatory Uboa and Kalimba events?

I am a bit confused on where the story is going, is Jeslyn just trying to get out of the prison or free the prisoners...? Or is she a puppet for the prisoners or MDA?

>> No.7445   [Delete]   [Edit]

Yeapper, I have something worked out for Kalimba and Uboa will also be making an appearance as well.

She's trying to escape.

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Someone made a program that let you play RPGTkool games on Mac instead of having to do so many complicated things that might not even work. If I were good at making that kind of stuff I would name it Monoe (get it?)

Last edited 11/05/19(Thu)20:48.

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Sure, bro, I'll get right on that.

Seriously, though. Are you seriously complaining because it's difficult to run PC software on a Mac? Here's a thought. Save up, get a PC. Problem solved.

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Also, PC>Mac.

>> No.7248   [Delete]   [Edit]

Hello I'm a Mac
And I'm a PC.





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I played Yume Nikki without any problems with Wine on my Mac. (Granted, it was the English patched version...and I haven't tried any of these Japanese-only fangames yet...).

Problem solved...? With some more effort, perhaps. Try looking into Wine.

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File: 1307030607614.jpg -(2092 B, 120x90) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Hello /fg/, I just came up with the main idea of a game and wanted to ask if someone is interested to help me creating it. It isn't quite like Yume Nikki but I thought this might be interesting to you. I name it "the touch - the curse about crying together"(although this can be debated).


In "the touch", you play a young boy aged 13 or so who lives happily with his family. One day at the school's playground, he makes a bet with his two friends that he loses and he has to open a box that the father of a friend, who's an inspector, retrieved near the corpses of ten people who committed collective suicide. Well, our protagonist opens the box that is apparently empty without knowing what he just did.
The thing is that with the opening of the box, our protagonist has gained the power/anti-power to witness a scene of the person/animal/object's existence or a thought with the only change that the object he touched and other objects or things that are similar and quite close to it can gain a human-like/limb-like/organ like appearance or in the best case the one of a person in our protagonist's memory. However, this power/anti-power has its price: The perception of the real world is being slowly distorted to become like the "witness's world". I also intend to put in a revealing end that explains how that's even possible.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Last edited 11/06/02(Thu)09:09.

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It's simple: You are a child who lost a bet. Therefore, you must open an ominous box that a friend stole from his father who is an inspector. The weird thing is that there is nothing in the box when you open it, but soon enough, you seem to develop the skill to witness a random memory or the past of everything you touch with your hands.(While you touch something, it's like being sent into a parallel dimension) However, these memories are somewhat disturbing because the thing you touched is replaced with a person a limb or something else in the parallel dimension. This skill also has a negative influence on you because slowly, you start seeing and hearing things from the parallel dimension while you haven't touched anything. It's like the parallel world is invading the real world. Is that easier to understand?

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Yes, thank you. So i take it you are going to do everything on this project except art and music then?

>> No.7382   [Delete]   [Edit]

I guess this might depend on how you envision this "parallel dimension," but can you actually call it a YN fangame?

>> No.7383   [Delete]   [Edit]

Well, for the parallel dimension, I thought about finding a bit of inspiration by seeing how yume nikki's dream world is like. And another title could be "punishment of a thought infiltrator". I'll try to provide music by myself too, since I'm a musician, but it would be faster if I had more people who could help me. People can also give me advices on how they think things should be and influence the outcome. I call it a YNfangame because I wanted to create something that was on an equal level of bizarreness as YN without too much of plagiarism, which is mainly the problem of "direct" fangames like Yume 2kki or .flow. All these games have the problem that only the dream world changes which doesn't provide the typical fresh feeling I had while I played YN for the first time.

Last edited 11/06/02(Thu)15:15.

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File: 1277410349705.jpg -(75.4 KiB, 500x721) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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There's a thread for this in /yn/, why not have one here? From what I know, a lotta people can't get them fangames to work (alas, myself not being an exclusion), and there ain't no exact answer "how-to".

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File: 1306878217888.png -(240.3 KiB, 1366x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

What the fuck
Now I get a new message

And I just used the old .flow folder to put all my fangames, I got the english locale to work...
I got this message with Nisshi and .flow...

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File: 1306881271719.png -(10.9 KiB, 288x256) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I think it's asking for a "vehicle" file, which is a feature of RPGM2003.

Where did you download the game? Have you messed with it in any way?

Edit: If I'm right and you can't be bothered with troubleshooting, just download the attached file, rename it 乗り物.png and put it in the \CharSet folder. Come to think of it you could use any file as long as it has the right filename.

Last edited 11/05/31(Tue)15:36.

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Don't know if your the same person but I love you both
I am so embarrassed for having stupid errors like that happen to me since I have told many people the importance of the vehicle file.
And the games use to run just fine, even after I played around in RPG Maker, and without the vehicle file...

>> No.7365   [Delete]   [Edit]

Anyone else having issues with mp3 files? I actually had to go and convert all my own (and the ones in .flow) to WAV so they wouldn't crash rpg maker. Not too big of a deal but it does run up filesize pretty quick.

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oncoming shitstorm of ideas for a game hold onto your hats

okay so, there's this guy, college dropout, around 20-25 and he works at an office and lives with him mom who has severe depression and mental issues so he has to take care of her. she phones him to come help her with basic tasks and to bring her medication and this phone comes into play in a lot of events throughout the story
the thing is, mister helps-his-mom guy is an insomniac and just pops one of his moms pills every once in a while to handle stress and to finally get to sleep after hours of lying awake in his bed, which, of course, the trippy as shit dream worlds come in. around half the story takes place outside the dream world, centered around his own psychological problems and his mom and sister who lives across town. there's actually a plot to this, so i don't know if you could call it a real yume nikki fan game. SHRUG.

the character himself is cynical and bitter, doesn't really know how to talk to people, etc
makes various snarky comments about his surroundings but mostly he's just "wtf is this shit"

>> No.7296   [Delete]   [Edit]

So you are going to make this?

>> No.7314   [Delete]   [Edit]
>oncoming shitstorm of ideas
>shitstorm of ideas

Nope, I don't think he will.

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File: 1274301886693.gif -(24.9 KiB, 80x90) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Metroidvania Styled action game based on the Yume Nikki universe. Link to game in name.
Here's the direct download: http://www.atelierizumi.com/download/yumenikki_gensou_0014.lzh
The game runs in flash so you'll need that.
The site also has two other YN fangames on it that you all should be aware of as well as other goodies like music. Enjoy.

Last edited 10/05/19(Wed)13:47.

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I second this. Someone for the love of everything Yume Nikki translate this game.

>> No.7289   [Delete]   [Edit]



It is an old version of the game, since it is missing the collapsing "danger bridge" and the one max HP-up after that, and it does not have a map of nightmare. I believe everything else is there, though.

Red S: Start
Green S: Save-point
Gray B: Boss
Red Circle: Max HP-up (Note: the red circle in level 5 points towards the tree enemy, but there is no max HP-up. It was probably there in an earlier version, but was moved to the place across the danger bridge in the newer version.)
Blue Circle: Max SP-up
Yellow Circle: Reward for clearing the area
Green Circle: Broom

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Last edited 11/05/25(Wed)18:14.

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File: 1306347396858.png -(12.7 KiB, 1054x672) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Post of the map (as explained in previous post, it is missing Nightmare).

>> No.7294   [Delete]   [Edit]

There is an old diary that has been left here.
The writing has been blurred that they can't be read.

In other words: it is just there for decoration.

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File: 1271641056965.jpg -(155.6 KiB, 1650x1275) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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I'll try to list every effect and the easiest way to get them so people won't have to ask in the threads and waste time and everyone's patience. All directions are from the entrance of the area. All area names are completely made up by me, unfortunately.

Yume 2kki v0.088 (15 effects):
1)Bike- Flower Field: Go slightly SE
2)Wolf- Dream House: Open closet in room repeatedly
3)MedamaBomb- FC Maze (maze in Block World): See Map
4)Twintail- Guts World: Go slightly W, then N
5)Boy- Wire World: Go W until there is a vertical line. Follow it N into a room. Interact with the thing in the room until you can't. Go outside and interact with the boy NPC.
6)Lantern- Cave: From Cloud Forest, go SW one block of trees, then follow the left block of trees S.
7)Maiko: Graveyard- Go slightly E, then N
8)Chainsaw- Hospital: From Graveyard, go NE to Dead Heart and go through mouth. Go W into hospital. Go through 3rd to last door to an area with no floor. Go S. until you hit a wall, and then go W to a dot. Go into NE Dead Spade(?), then N into nearest Dead Diamond.
9)Fairy- PKMN Park: From Blob World, go S until you see a waving blue thing. Go E to a Cab, which takes you to the Highway. From Highway, go E until you're in a tunnel. Chainsaw the face splat on the wall and go through. Take the S. path in the next area to get to the PKMN Park. Go to the bottom of the large area (not the bottom of the map) and there will be a black creature. DON'T GO UNDER IT. Step on the flowers and go E into a grove with a fairy in it.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Last edited 10/04/19(Mon)00:43.

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if someone could post how to get the new .flow effects

me love you long time.

>> No.7229   [Delete]   [Edit]

Same request as >>5417. Pretty please ?

>> No.7231   [Delete]   [Edit]


Okay, here we go...

Head over to the apartments from the steel pipe/various pointy things world. Go into the second door, I think it was, and enter the snow world. From that door, go south until you get to the three little cylindrical houses and enter the one in the middle. Get.

From the dress effect, head back north, pass the door, and head north some more and slightly west to the lone house. Enter, touch the flower, and exit. South west to the stairs, follow the path until the plants overgrow and block the path. Head through the exit there, touch the vine at the end of the next corridor. Go back to the previous hallway, and head east this time since you can and all. It's pretty linear from there: head to the furthest door to the right, then touch the flower in the middle of the next room. Get.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No.7232   [Delete]   [Edit]

It's not unclear, it's great! Thanks a lot, I was able to get them all~

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File: 1270560304215.png -(47.6 KiB, 459x338) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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im am making new game in source

it is call the passing

in the passing you are boy who find world completely empty one day. The temperature has gone down, TVs do not work anymore and radios can only intercept strange frequences.

Then, soon into the game, strange, wooden mannequins enemies start appearing. I'm not sure of a name for them. Stalkers? Mannequins?

Since the temperature has fell, it's easily noticeable on the environment: There's a fine layer of ice on just about everything, bottles are broken, and car alarms can go off randomly.

This is an old concept for the enemies and has long since been scrapped. The original idea was that it would run towards you and ram into you, sending you flying. The concept of ramming has not been scrapped; it is now a normal mannequin with an horribly enlarged "head" which it swings around to send you flying.

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Anyway what's up. I've been kind of giving up on the game but I'm picking it back up. ANYWAY, some gameplay perks.

There is no HUD proper. The screen gets fuzzier around the edges as you get hurt, kind of like Silent Hill. You can't tell how much ammo you've got left, though, so I need to find a way to make this show up.

The soundtrack either consists of old timey songs, stuff like, if you've ever heard them, Edith Piaf songs, or Jingle Jangle Jingle. It sets a soundtrack dissonance that I like. It doesn't show up a lot, though. The actual song that plays through the game is a faint, moody piece. It's hard to hear but it sets the vast feeling of bleakness and emptiness.

The original idea of the game was for it to take place in a single city. It now takes place in a single city and its surroundings. So you can explore the region around a bit, go into villages to pick up stuff, etc. Might also put some story elements in there, though I haven't really come up with a story. Dropped the time element - it was more annoying than anything.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No.6749   [Delete]   [Edit]


>> No.7088   [Delete]   [Edit]

it doesn't matter what game, but the most moody soundtrack is = nothingness

>> No.7202   [Delete]   [Edit]


Your project was cool, please come back ):

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