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has anybody tried this as a way of getting around the Windows language issues when trying to install and run games such as YN, Neftelia, and so on? It'd certainly be a bit easier in the long run if it could be done easily.

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I set my computer's language to Japanese for non-Unicode programs and have never had a problem. Just go to the advanced tab of your regional and language options, change it, and restart.

However this also means any non-Unicode programs you have that are normally in English will now be Japanese. If you don't want that, use AppLocale.

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I'm really not certain about Virtual PC's effectiveness with this. I just made a post about trying to get Yume 2kki to work in other thread. I think that some of the problem that folks may be having not initially installing Japanese language files on their computer before trying to use AppLocale. (I'll repost what I had posted in the other thread in this post and hopes that it helps someone.) I'll admit that I like setting my computer to read non-Uniocode Japanese characters better than using AppLocale, but I can see why people would want to use AppLocale instead.


I'm going to assume that you have Windows XP as your system. If not, this post won't be of any help. I'm also not going to go over enabling your system to run Japanese non-unicode characters unless you or someone else requests this.

1)*If you haven't done this already, you must install the Japanese language pack. To do this, go to: Start>Settings>Control Panel>Regional and Language Options>Languages
*Check off the box next to "Install files for East Asian languages" and click on either OK or Apply
NOTE: You may have to use your Windows XP CD; if you have lost that, try browsing for the files in C:\I386.

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Last edited 09/08/03(Mon)20:52.

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Yeah, I've gotten it to work by switching languages in the control panel (though AppLocale has never played nice). It's more so I don't have to do that, I can just fire up the virtual machine and play, as I have a few programs which choke a bit when the language gets switched around. Not to mention it's a little irritating having my slashes turned into yen symbols.

That said, I tried installing Virtual PC and creating a VM that runs a properly-configured version of XP. I haven't played with it much yet, but so far it seems alright. Kind of laggy, but at least I can load them up without issue. And I can run .flow and the other games made by whoever did Neftelia, which I never could before, even with setting my non-Unicode language to Japanese. Not sure why, but ...

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ITT: This game
I have no idea what it's actually called. Has anyone finished it?
Uboa keeps killing me at the end.

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Uboa, eh?
You must get the upgrades to defeat the bosses more easily...

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Two points in the game have holes you must jump down to progress. Instead of going down, jump over them and continue in that direction. You will fight a copy of yourself in both instances.

The first one has your same abilities and will award you with a knife upgrade, so it does more damage and restores more SP per hit. The second one wears a hat and scarf, seems to be immune to your gun, and will give a gun upgrade that powers up your shots and restores your SP quickly.

As for fighting, just stand in front of your target and hold down the knife button. Mado will attack continuously and keep them reeling long enough to not fight back. This works on everybody except Uboa.

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Where can I get it?

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does anyone have a list/downloads for the different fangames talked about here? I've only played Yume 2kki and (if it counts) Neftelia, and I'd like more!

Last edited 09/07/23(Thu)07:36.

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There's also .flow, a few threads down. A download link is in /media/

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There have apparently been a lot of Yume Nikki-like games using RM2K(3). However, I haven't seen one that uses any other engine. All YN homages use 2K or 2K3, and I have a feeling that most people trying to make a fangame will try to use that engine because they feel it would convey the same "feeling".

(Or that it would be easier for homages to other games to work on said maker, as it uses 16x16 tiles (like Earthbound, Pokemon, Dragon Quest, Legend of Zelda, you name it) instead of 32x32 like the newer makers.)

And so that takes me to ask a question here: What would people feel about a YN-like game in another engine? Would it be accepted for it being at least that different from the original instead of a carbon copy filled with recolors? Or would it be rejected because it "just wouldn't feel like it"?

Pic related, it's RPG Maker XP's logo. That maker is actually quite powerful, making some of the complicated events and characters for this kind of dreamland-exploration-horror game actually work would be easier in this one.

RPG Maker VX, even if it's the newest maker released and is slightly more powerful, is quite limited in how many graphic resources one can use, so making lots of different dreamworlds (each with its own theme, even!) would be near-impossible, and quite a bother just to do something for the lulz.

Last edited 09/07/08(Wed)17:14.

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I wouldn't put a game down for being made on a different engine :Y

I actually plan on making a Yume Nikki fangame using RPG Maker XP.

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Yeah, I don't think anyone would care too much. :)

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Nice to know.

I actually met a community where things made in certain engines were frowned upon. Why? Beats me.

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Sparing details, Mario Kart jacked up on surrealism.

Effects are picked up during races giving you certain advantages against your opponents (e.g. the umbrella would make the track slippery for players ahead of you). However, only one effect can be held onto at a time.

Tracks are based off of dream worlds in Yume Nikki, each having unique brix-inducing events. For example, if you ride through Poniko's house on the shallows track, there is a chance Uboa will appear on your opponents screens, both blinding them and scaring them brickless.

Target platform: Windows XP and Vista only

This is an actual project I'm working on. It'll only have 3 selectable characters (Madotsuki, Poniko, and Masada), a few effects, and 2 tracks (the shallows and neon) to start. If there's any actual interest, I'll expand it.

Stay tuned for screenshots and play testing. Suggestions are welcome.

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>Madotsuki, Poniko, and Masada

Needs moar Monochrome

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Yeahhh, I'm driving down the road....

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Mike :3

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So I've got a concept where you play as a male shut-in. The "awake" world plays sort of like an adventure game where you wander around and look for objects to use in your dreams and progress. Also, if you don't get food you'll die after a certain amount of days. And you can't leave the apartment complex. Also in your dreams it is a rail shooter sort of thing with lots of cinematic sequences peppered throughout using certain triggers.

I don't eve know man

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I kind of had a dream similar to this. It was a rail shooter based in a dream however I never saw any of the awake parts. It still sounds like a good idea to me

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I'm thinking of making a fan sequel, and I need a little help.

Can you guys tell me about weird dreams you've had? I want to make it seem kind of realistic, and I think this might be the best way to do it. Also, might keeping an actual Dream Diary help?

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How about you just join the official collaboration project, go talk to the people on the #uboachan irc.

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Greet people by name on the irc. It highlights the window and makes them notice things. Some aren't even there sometimes, but don't assume they're not there if they aren't talking. Saying anything like "Poke" will make my client beep and highlight the window so I check it. There's rarely enough activity to constantly watch it.

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You have knowledge of RPG maker or coding?

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This is just a test demo but so far this looks to be an incredibly brix shitting game. Its based off of yume nikki but it also has its own bizzare charm to it.

Any more info on this?

Last edited 09/05/16(Sat)01:28.

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Meso-Meso said its a real game he's working on, but the Demo was posted as an April fools joke.

Last edited 09/05/18(Mon)12:20.

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Posting for awesome fangame.

It must be the atmosphere and the original presentation that get me so much...

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This looks like so many millions of awesomes. I gotta say though, I don't like the fact that it still ends up having you play as some sprite that wanders around. I think it would be really great if it just used that play style that you can use to select things in the room.

Really though, I have no skills in art, nor programming, so I can't say anything about what it should or shouldn't be, just wish.

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Hey, I was just wondering if some one has been able to hack the game and maybe view some of the event's that are really rare or possibly find NPC's that aren't found in the game by normal standards. As well if the case have they been able to move the plants blocking the way to that picnic in the desert?

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You can open yume nikki with rpgmaker 2003 and then modify the events.

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I know but has anyone actually gone through and removed barriers in order to reach certain objects or npc's? For that matter has anyone looked at all the events in coding to see if there are any events that have happened or are removed?

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Say uboachan;
Saw this on one of your other boards. DO WANT. Can anyone here read japanese? Does this look official or is there any chance of there ever being a portable YN? Or is it just some japanese guy messing around in Photoshop? Answers to old pink, care of the funny farm.

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Someone either needs to make RPG maker for the DS or just re-make yume nikki for it.

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anybody else notice that it says NINTENBO in the top left?

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