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So, I had this idea for a Yume Nikki spinoff game.. sort of thing the other day. :U I'll probably never get round to it, but I wanna hear what you guys think.

It's something along the line sof a young woman getting murdered, and forgetting who she is, yadda yadda. She explores her subconscious to find her memories (which are basically effects) to pass on to the next life.

The gameplay is basically Yume Nikki, but there's going to be a few differences - there's going to be more plot, and less mindfuckery and nightmare fuel, and it won't be as hueg.

I'm also toying with the idea of having to 'unlock' the areas - they're going to be sections of her life. Like, Toddler -> Childhood -> Teen -> Adult -> Death.

How does it sound? :V

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But keep some mindfuckery and nightmares. Could represent times she doesn't want to remember or accept.

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make the game and we'll see.

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If it only was that easy when you're looking for opinions for ideas in an unfinished game!

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Do any of you guys ever think that Yume Nikki should have no sequels? I think the game doesn't need a sequel, it seemed perfect as it was.


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Perfection can't be duplicated or improved upon. I wholeheartedly agree a game like this shouldn't have a sequel. I'm almost against spin-offs too. But people brought up the Umineko/Higurashi thing.

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I definitely don't think it needs a direct sequel, or even a prequel, but spiritual successors are awesome when they're done right.

But if Kikiyama does make updates and add more content I'd pretty much cream my pants forever

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guys maybe hes working on the game
i mean its ok to make theories about a game but
making theories about the creator is a little......

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Sequels, no. There's something special in things that start great and die young.

More content before it's considered "finished" is alright, though.

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Would anybody happen to have a link to the latest version of Yume 2kki?

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This is a tactical game I'm working on using RMVX, making use of GubiD's TBS. Madotsuki and Monoe are playable characters alongside the main character, Amihailu.

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I need help running .flow.

I keep getting this error when I try to run it. What does it mean?

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Maybe you could try telling us what steps you went through up until that point, and we'll see if we find anything to fix?

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Hey /fg/ I'm gonna make a spin off game where you encounter/fight Freddy Krueger. What program should I use?

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(First time posting o_o)

Well I had this idea today, im not sure its worth doing something with but yea....

Ok, it starts with a girl who was madotsuki's friend in the past. She witnessed madotsuki dieing, but she lost her memory in a car accident and the game starts with her in the hospital. When she went to bed she had a perfectly sane dream in a restaurant untill something appears (Not sure what yet) which triggers her psychotic side. Whenever she goes back to the dream world she appears in a dark room with 1 lamp and a door which leads to all the doors. The effects she get are from her and madotsuki's past and her weapon is an axe. In the doors gives her more clues of what happened. So is it worth it?

Last edited 10/03/27(Sat)14:33.

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Hi all

I've been making a surrealist horror game influenced by Yume Nikki, the works of Shintaro Kago and Blade Runner (of all things) for a few months now and made good progress.

I'm looking to recruit more members. I mainly need writers (this game does have a story, and dialogue), but I'd very much appreciate spriters.

Here are some screenshots. If anybody's interested, I'll post more details here.

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Very interesting, it's definitely YN influenced, but it has a unique touch.

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This looks really good so far, I'd like to write for it if you're still looking...

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Woah, sweet game! I'd like to help out if you're still looking for it. :D

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I'll voulenteer for writing and concept art. The only thing I don't like the look of so far is the look of the character.

Do you have a forum or something to speeds teamwork up?

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it appears i am making a yume nikki like game. However instead of visiting dreams you visit what is left of the world a few weeks after apparently all life died on earth and attempt to escape whatever things are roaming around now. In other words, it's LEFT 4 DEAD WITH YUME NIKKI GRAPHICS WITH EVIL SHADOW THINGS INSTEAD OF ZOMBIES. Except you're alone.

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Cool story bro

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unsure if this is real or not,
It seems to be an RPG fighting version of yume nikki?
I must know more.

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What have they done to you, Monoko? ;_;

Also, if Masada, Poniko, Monoe/Monoko/both but fusioned together somehow joined Mado on her magical quest to um... I have no clue...

My life would be complete.

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>Produced by VIPPER

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