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Ok, lads.. i have an idea for a fan game, but since i suck at scripting and making games that dont involve breakign shit with giant weapons, i would like to share it with you.

The game follows the same patern as all the other fan games, you have to go to sleep to begin exploring. BUT!
Here is where the t wist begins, you arent in a dream world, per se. When you go to sleep, you begin to astral project yourself into a world similar to the real world. This world looks like a more twisted real world, almost like it's influenced by dreams or a bad acid trip (keep reading, it's not so generic).
Everything you do with the skills you aquire in the astral world is permenant (sorry, i'm sick and work computers dont have spell check) so nothing you kill respawns, but there are things you don't want to kill, because they may represent people or things in the real world.. And depending on how you progress and what you interacted with changes what the world is like during what ending you get.. this game plays like an open sandbox game, with one great big hub and various offshoot areas from it.

Also, main guy is trapped in his room which is a psych ward because he tried to tell people the end of the world was comming, but [spoilers?] He was right[/spoilers?]

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>so nothing you kill respawns

I'm fairly certain that's going to be a fuckload of programming, seeing as RPGmaker resets the area every time you leave unless there's a scripted event with killing it (e.g. changes something somewhere else), even then, it'll still most likely respawn. Though, you could just make it all one big map, so it'll only reset when you wake up, but that may be overhaul.

There could also be some simple script that I haven't come across yet, too.

>you begin to astral project yourself into a world

I forget what this is called, but it's the simplest thing to do, really.

>> No.6372   [Delete]   [Edit]

It's not that hard making something die permanently. Just activate a switch when you kill it and make a new event page with nothing on it that has the switch as a requirement to show.

>> No.6376   [Delete]   [Edit]

Yeah, I was about to post that but >>6372 was faster. Unless you have like billions of enemies, then there's no way you can make them individually perma-death without taking all your switch space or/and confusing switches and stuff. It won't be a problem if it's a small game, but if you're hoping for something as big as Yume Nikki, it's gonna take a loooot of work.

The idea looks good, it's a different approach than most fangames, you just have to make it work, as it sounds a little complicated to program... Would need a bunch of switches.

>> No.6392   [Delete]   [Edit]

>>I'm fairly certain that's going to be a fuckload of programming, seeing as RPGmaker resets the area every time you leave unless there's a scripted event with killing it (e.g. changes something somewhere else), even then, it'll still most likely respawn. Though, you could just make it all one big map, so it'll only reset when you wake up, but that may be overhaul.

It's pretty easy to do, with flags, just very very time consuming.... oh, derp. 2 other people have mentioned this. But yea, i hate making technical stuff in games (i'm a story board/designer kinda guy), and well... YN-like games are ALL technical stuff and the story si whatever the player makes it.

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File: 1293222279578.png -(114.8 KiB, 274x310) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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This is just something that has been in my mind for quite a while, and I just had to let it out. I have zero programming skills, so I'm just hoping someone will take this idea and make something of it.

So, instead of the protagonist being a human like every other fangame, you would instead be a vampire. The reason of the protagonist being a vampire is to give a new perspective on what can scare/disturb you since you’re superior to a human being. Also because it’s just something new. Well, it’s mostly because I like vampires.

The protagonist’s name is Akaitsuki; her appearance being that of a little girl. She has blond hair, with twin pony-tails tied with black bows.
Being a vampire, most of the effects you discover in her dreams are, yes, vampire-related. Such as turning into red mist which acts as a transparent effect, drinking blood which kills and let’s you gain a form of currency, etc.

Your room which is pretty dark and has a castle theme to it, or something like it, and in it is a throne, along with a mirror. It also has a balcony for obvious reasons. The throne is for sleeping on, and the mirror is for saving. Like all the fangames of Yume Nikki, you cannot leave your room. Her reason being that blahblahspoilerblahblah. The chains should give you a hint if you have a good enough imagination.

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Sorry to say this but i doubt anyone would be willing to make this. Seems like a lot of work for something thats basically yume nikki with a vampire protagonist. Also, being a vampire would, for me at least, kinda take away some of the feeling of the game. I mean if you're a vampire, why would anything in the dreams scare you or even surprise you? You yourself are already pretty much a (immortal) dream creature. I guess vampire hunters would kinda scare me though.

That said, it's probably not an impossible idea to pull off, although just spouting an idea and expecting to do nothing yourself is way to much to ask.

>> No.6383   [Delete]   [Edit]

It's not like you're invincible. Being immortal isn't exactly a good thing, if you think about the pain you could go through without dying. Like being buried alive, tortured to death, etc.

At any rate, I just wanted to get this off my chest, so I'm not expecting it to be made. Thanks for replying though.

>> No.6384   [Delete]   [Edit]

Yeah i know. Just giving you my personal opinion, didn't mean to shoot you down or anything. If you want this to be made i would suggest you learn to use some version of rpg maker yourself though, since i seriously doubt anyone would want to lay lots and looots of hours on something that they get nothing in return for. Sadly this world isn't that convenient.

Go look up tutorials and stuff on it, there's a lot of them and to be honest you don't really need alot of programming skills, if any, to make a good game with rpgmaker.

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Maybe I am a real noob, but I'm looking for a way to download and play .flow.
I don't have any program like RPG2000 or idk.. Just if someone could tell me where I can download the latest version of .flow, maybe an english translation, and the program needed to run it on PC.
Also I can't read japanese so if you give me links to japanese download sites, tell me what to do, please. Or at least link me to a thread that gives proper tutorial for noobs who don't know programming.

I searched everywhere related to .flow, and I got nothing.. Maybe I'm doin it wrong. Help plz.

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>> No.5942   [Delete]   [Edit]

You'll need applocale and the RPG2000 RTP, for one thing.

The DL for the current english translation is: http://loda.jp/yume2kki/?id=322

Problems past that, I don't know. I suggest checking the .flow thread though.

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File: 1289071532307.png -(10.9 KiB, 288x256) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Applocale for you System Unicode which needs to be Japanese in order to run the game

Link to rtp2000 which I forget why its important but you may need it.

In case you get the Vehicle message, download pic and label it vehicle and shove it in the Character folder AKA THE ELATED PIC Remember to save as .png kids

Also just press the big download button in the link from >>5942

This should all work and if not then idk.

Last edited 10/11/06(Sat)12:29.

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File: 1293143029272.png -(15.8 KiB, 589x375) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.




>> No.6370   [Delete]   [Edit]

/media/ is your friend, OP.

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File: 1292739156774.png -(25.8 KiB, 320x240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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This is probably a little outside the usual Yume Nikki fan game, but I was, in large part inspired by it.
It's bright and colorful, and a little pervy, so delete/ban as you need to.


Embric of Wulfhammer's Castle is a walking/talking game. There's almost no combat to speak of, just characters to interact with and situations to encounter.
Very little about the main character is implicitly stated, so it may pique interest if you liked that about madotsuki.
Also, dreams are dealt with rather alot.

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File: 1292761596349.png -(5303 B, 567x104) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Doesn't even install.

>> No.6348   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1292873409680.png -(25.8 KiB, 320x240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Try a shallower directory maybe?
1200 downloads and that's the first time that seems to have happened.

>> No.6349   [Delete]   [Edit]

Destination was "D:/", more shallower?

Tried to put that archive into foldier, installation program seems to delete it while installing.

Unzipped the archive - it working, but no music. So doesn't count.

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File: 1291948448715.png -(2408 B, 320x240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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I think thats what Google called it...
Too bad google cant translate the game for me, everything is in Japanese and I dont know whats going on.
You play as Madotsuki... Thats all I could decipher from the first few seconds of playing.
What is this I dont even

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>> No.6283   [Delete]   [Edit]

Hmm has anyone posted a video of it on Youtube yet?

>> No.6295   [Delete]   [Edit]

I completed this game. From what it reads I can say it is a completely unrelated horror game with YN sprites instead of original ones. Shit man.

>> No.6301   [Delete]   [Edit]


Are you sure? I thought Yume 2kki was a collab..

>> No.6302   [Delete]   [Edit]

>>6301 It is indeed a (massive) collab, and basically every person who wishes to can upload anything to /yume2kki/ or /yume2kki_4/ on loda. So someone just posted this little thing for lulz. The original game (the RPG) is probably pretty famous in japan, I guess o.o

Last edited 10/12/12(Sun)23:22.

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File: 1291406068139.jpg -(9054 B, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Oh boy
Found this in a totally irrelevant place
If anyone can figure out how to play this shit - please, tell the rest how to do it.
Well, the game is about... I dunno, try it out.

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>> No.6262   [Delete]   [Edit]


There's my progress. I died by a trapdoor, derp.

I'll post more when I figure more out.

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File: 1291740331170.jpg -(18.7 KiB, 650x515) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Last edited 10/12/09(Thu)04:24.

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Also, fuck you.

>> No.6275   [Delete]   [Edit]

I tried everything mentioned in that topic, so fuck you.

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File: 1290857715111.jpg -(12.3 KiB, 320x240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
12626 No.6134   [Delete]   [Edit]  [Reply]

ah what the hell, might as well go for it:
Project I've been doing on and off for two years. Mostly it's just me messing around in RPG Maker 2K3 for the first time so don't expect something amazing...in all honesty I was hesitating to upload it here

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>> No.6181   [Delete]   [Edit]

I apologise profusely about any negative behaviour earlier, I just have a lot on my mind right now please bear with me.
The videos on the blog? They were previewing the game whilst in progress - the trouble I had when thinking about this is trying to keep the theme of dreams like Yume Nikki but I didn't want to seem like I'm copying everyone else with their games and I was'nt sure about the forced creepiness (from what I learned Somnium Epheremis means Dream Journal in Latin)
Filesize? I had another look at it last night and tried deleting any unessessary files, it's now 9.29MB I think? I'll upload it a bit later

>> No.6183   [Delete]   [Edit]

New link I hope it works

>> No.6184   [Delete]   [Edit]

I guess small boards can have trolls to.

>> No.6266   [Delete]   [Edit]

Just had a go of the "Answered Prayers" demo it seems I still have a lot to learn. Ah well back to the drawing board I go ^^;

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File: 1279021148203.jpg -(37.2 KiB, 660x520) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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lit. Dreams, Fantasies After All.
This is a new game in /yume2kki/ in loda.
It's...Pretty much all over the place currently, but I feel it might be pretty good in a while.
Pic related, you get the Gameboy (?) effect from this place.

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>> No.4676   [Delete]   [Edit]

>>4670 True, but a room with absolutely nothing is also a little dull...Y'know what I'm saying?

>> No.4680   [Delete]   [Edit]


But nothing can convey a lot of emotion.
Empty, pointless, desolate blackness.

that, and the game is still in eggmode, they might do something to it.

>> No.4781   [Delete]   [Edit]

I'm bumping this because the artist has now posted his new loda adress:
This is probably going to get good.

Last edited 10/07/17(Sat)03:49.

>> No.6125   [Delete]   [Edit]

Bump because its had a few updates that are quite good
Although it still is very sucky and glitchy, I kinda like it

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File: 1249138607451.jpg -(70.4 KiB, 639x481) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
72085 No.968   [Delete]   [Edit]  [Reply]

i found this on megauploads looking for yume nikki downloads and it's kind of interesting. it uses the rpgmaker xp default sprites though.

here's the link:

>> No.969   [Delete]   [Edit]

I think this originally posted in /fg/ on Uboachan, but the thread was later deleted. I didn't get a chance to download the game before the thread was deleted, so thanks for posting the link.

>> No.970   [Delete]   [Edit]

i like that natsuki has a kitty :3

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File: 1249669455171.png -(7002 B, 256x256) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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I know that Uboachan has been making a fangame, but I decided that I'd post mine too.

Basically, you play as Frank, a boy, much like Madotsuki. He has gone out of school and only gets out at night, when nobody is in the street.
However, you can't go very far, and the only thing to do is to go to sleep. By sleeping, you access the dream world. Get out of your house and enter the city. However, things are different. The whole city is more violent (yet it still feels very lonely - I was inspired by LSD's Violence District). You have a set number of HP which you can increase by finding certain items scattered throughout the dream world. Look within the dream world for effects. Some of them are just graphics swap, others can be used.

Sounds familiar? The game uses Cave Story's engine and the same style of graphics. It's basically a mash between Cave Story, Yume Nikki, and LSD (without the linking, of course).
It changes from Yume Nikki in the way that if you get hit too much, you will pass out and wake up. Some effects are guarded by "bosses", so level up your offensive effects to stand against the bosses. It adds a twist to the gameplay and makes it challenging. In Yume Nikki, all you had to worry about was the Toriningen, and once you got Medamaude they weren't a treat anymore.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No.1025   [Delete]   [Edit]

this actually sounds p. awesome and original

>> No.1026   [Delete]   [Edit]

I like the idea. You get my approval. :>

>> No.1029   [Delete]   [Edit]

I still can't get screenshots, but here's a list of effects I have thought of:

-Gun (offensive)

Out of them, only the Headless, Cigarette, and Spy effects have been sprited. I'll post some sprites.

Last edited 09/08/08(Sat)14:47.

>> No.1038   [Delete]   [Edit]

Please post sprites. :3
Also, what are you going to title it?

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