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Made for you.

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more popular

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Without her shadow.

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But I have no money. I'll get back to you when I do.

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double resolution is hard. I'll keep trying, but maybe I'll try something else first.

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See, I'm trying, making a bit of progress, but it's really hard.

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sooo.... link to the sale site? please?

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Put Uboa in the background. THAT would be epic! :D
...or the back so when people see you turn around it would be AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAwesome.

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I really wouldn't count on us actually making these tees. I'd like to, but it'd be wayy to expensive.

Maybe sometime in the future. If I knew someone with a printing press or something then yeah, this would be already done.

You can make your own shirts with custom sites like Zazzle, though. Here's the png I used.

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the first one is the best. pretty good power-level hiding too, they sell these kinds of 'ironic' shirts at fashionable shops

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so, since finding a much better shirt design site, we might actually be able to do some of this. I'll get on it when I get home.

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alright, I think I've got an idea to make the shirt more interesting, you all might like it. I'll get it online and link you as soon as I can.

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through some expensive process i'm sure there has to be a way to show adorable poniko during daylight, then you know who as a glow in the dark pattern

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not suggesting anyone attempts it, but it's a grand pipe dream'

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completely new design hole dicks I'd wear it

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File: 1306941000200.jpg -(20.5 KiB, 335x363) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

this is what it looks like more or less. that one was too big

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made the shop and the current design is up in both heavyweight and american apparel. uboachan and I both make $0 off of these so you can have them as cheap as possible. in the future maybe we'll have designs that are profitable, but until then non-profit shirts are go! :p


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sorry to bump this, but is it possible for more shirt designs to be made? I kinda want this, but Poniko isn't my favorite, I'd rather a Mado or Toriningen shirt. Or maybe one with multiple sprites. ;~; if not I might just buy this anyway

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thanks for your interest! This kind of fell to the back of my queue of things to do. Sorry about that. It'll take a bit, but I'll make some more YN themed shirts. I'll try not to screw them up so much with hipster splatters. Also, You can expect a Moga/May shirt up soon.

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;~; yay, more shirts, more shirts!

also yeah I'm not a huge fan of the splatters. The extra color does look better to the eye, but it doesn't really suite poniko. Maybe Madotsuki if it was supposed to be in the neon world, and maybe add some neon world NPC's.

also, monoe and monoko shirt. This must happen.

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