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Hey /cos/
what would be the easiest, fastest, and/or cheapest way to make an Uboa cosplay? I was thinking of taking a white long sleeve shirt, drawing Uboa's face on it, and then cut a hole in a black long sleeved shirt the shape of Uboa. add black pants and a black ski mask and that's basically Uboa. Any other suggestions?

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>easiest, fastest and cheapest

draw uboa on paper with a pencil, hold it in front of your face with your hand

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thanks for feedback. any better ideas?

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Dress up as the Spy from TF2 and wear a cardboard cut out of Uboa with the Uboa pic on it.

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Actual this OP, thats what i'd do

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Not a bad idea.

My backup cosplay is Sven from Black Cat, I could use the suit and make a mask... Dunno, really.

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