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Dear Uboachan,

I'm going to do Monoko cosplay. Any ideas what to do with that.. thing on her shirt? Would simply painting it look too cheap?

Tips for painting skin white are also very welcome.

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Maybe try getting a shirt too big for you (VERY big), get a button, cover it with matching white fabric, then glue it to the center of the shirt and, on the inside, glue a few small parts of the other sides to it?

I don't know if that made any sense of not, but I think you'd get the look you're looking for.

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I would get a large shirt some theatrical tape or glue.
Wear the shirt and stick the base of the "hole" to yourself gather the material around it and stick it in place with permeate or theatrical glue.
Maybe you should stick the overlapping material down to create that layered look.
Just an idea it might be harder in practice.

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When I made my shirt for my cosplay for her I just made it a rip i nthe shirt and twisted the hole a bit.

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Awesome, I'm going to cosplay Monoko too!
With the thing on her shirt I'm planning to use a shirt like that bigger than the ones I usually wear and like fold it and sew it so they are something like permanent folds... I don't know if I explained myself right, my english is very poor.
For the white skin I will try using white foundation creme-basis and use very white powder to fix it~
Post photos when you're done!

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Taco, is that you? Pianoholic here!

So, for my dear Monoko cosplayers, I personally suggest to make a hole in the middle of a very big shirt, adjust and sew.

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Not taco.. Yumm Taco. O w O
Thats what I meant by twisting it, I sewed it in a funny twisted like way. xD;

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Oh, sorry. The way you write is very similar to a friend of mine who is also going to cosplay Monoko, and I call her "Taco"
May you forgive my dumbness

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