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Hi /cos/, i am >>316
I found the way to make the cosplay right! Maybe eyes were not so visible.
The wig i bought on e-bay did not arrive in time, and at last i found that crappy wig.
And she is NOT a cosplay of madotsuki using the fat effect!
Uboa in this photo does not look good enough, i will post more of him.

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File: 1257160820702.jpg -(98.8 KiB, 571x732) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Shit bricks! Look at the creepy teeth!

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I like your Masada a lot. More pictures?

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File: 1257192556518.jpg -(1.7 MiB, 2304x3072) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


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That's really cool.

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thanks, anyway madotsuki photoshopped the nopperabou on herself. I like that photo because my Masada eyes are decently visible

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The nopperabou effect makes me want to cosplay effects.. Lamptsuki could be interesting!

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the really cool thing would be cosplaying Madotsuki and bringing a lot of effects in a bag and changing effect sometimes.
Madotsuki with: an umbrella, a hat and a scarf, a knife, a flute, a nopperabou mask, a big towel, cat ears, a fake poop, wigs, a triangle kerchief. Simple to bring and to find and also so cool!

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Dude, I officially love you both!

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then we love you too ~<3

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This has to be the best cosplay that I've seen since >>25!

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Hey, I was the guy who suggested all the eye stuff in the last thread.

Looks like it worked out, great job!

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Oh really thanks a lot! You helped a lot, without you i was lost i think.
Do you all want to know a stupid thing? Seeing through the grey part of the eye was WAY harder then seeing through the black painted part. I felt a lot like Masada, seeing things only left or right, shifting side a lot. I only am sad about i hadn't a decent little piano to bring. I also walked a little backwards, not so much, it was too hard even walking normally.

Oh and thanks to you too!

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That is just such the awesomest cosplay. Like, ever.

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Now that i think of it, that's another sad thing about the yume nikki cosplay: no-one recnognized us except only a guy (that recognized Madotsuki in a short moment while i was not with her)

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