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Any of you kiddies going to Youmacon?
I'm going to try and make a Smile cosplay before it comes around, I'll post progress if/when I start.

Picture Related, it's the one I'm using as a reference for my cosplay.

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in fact....i'm planning for sabitsuki.
BUT.well.i'm in China.

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Well, this could always just turn into a .Flow cosplay thread, I suppose. I just got my shirt and vest and I'm going to be staining them later today, the red ascot is the problem I'm having finding [locally, anyway.]

The wig looks nice, maybe make the top a bit more messy.

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I almost asked this same question because I'm going and wanted to cosplay yume nikki but figured no one would know who I was :*(

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You're going as Madotsuki? that'll be lovely, I know that there is always a million Uboas there. Worse comes to worse, I'll know who you are. <3

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hey are you THAT smile or are you just a smile cos-er if so hi

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Just a Smile Cos-er.
So, Hi.

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Eeeeeek I think somebody I talked to told me about you (or not maybe I'm crazy) is one of your friends going as Sabi? I'll be at Youmacon going as a pig-tailed Kaibutsu.

I've actually got everything but my face mask which I changed last minute. I was walking around a Halloween store when I found this (picture related). Turns out it's latex and the mouth part roughly fits the size of my head. I'm going over to my fiance's grandma's house and she's going to help me turn it into a mask that I can see out of. Should be super super cool.

Also I don't mean to hi-jack your thread or anything ;w; since I already had one of mine but it's a little down there and you were talking about Youmacon anyway.....

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Oh don't worry about this thing being jacked, it's fine. The mask looks wonderful, I actually thought about doing a Kaibtusu [male-version of course].
Anyway, I would post progress, but the things I have done can easily change before I'm done [due to limited time access at my department stores] though I have ordered a rather nice Ascot already, as well as a black/brown wig.

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Oh, and I forgot.
No I don't have a Sabitsuki, as much as I'd love to have a partner to be her. :< I'm the only .Flow nerd I know in real life.

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