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basic clothes for Poniko.
This is a crossplay....
I really need a wig and boobs.

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File: 1311540621937.jpg -(95.5 KiB, 220x293) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I was thinking of using this as the wig.
Any suggestions would be greatly admired.

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well from my experience, using a base wig with a clip-on is probably better and it looks nicer, cosplaying characters with ponytails is always a pain for me when I don't
and you might want to get plainer socks like white or something, the design is distracting and with the nature of the game keeping it simple looks much better

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From the fanart I've seen, I think Poniko has brown socks....

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but thank you for the tip. Not only would it be easier I think, but also cheaper

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File: 1313256754037.jpg -(262 KiB, 968x1290) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Let me think, a singe pigtail ( no twintails, even though the japanese love them ) , the rest is rather symmetrical. Bangs and longer hair on the sides. So basically this.
I hope my idea of poniko's hairstyle has any meaning.

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Her sprite has red shoes.

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This is Poniko's actress receiving an award for an outstanding performance in Yume Nikki.

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oh, that was me before i thought up a name worth my purpose.
Back then, i was innocent and was helpful.

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