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Anyway.. going to do Masada cosplay, however I'm going to have the same issue most people might have..

the eyes.

I was considering getting a white mask.. like zentai mask, then just drawing the crazy eyes on. Think that should work out? Considering his skin is paper white that shouldn't be a problem. I'll just buy a black wig to put over the mask since I can't get my hair through.

Anyway I will be Masada-sensei at Kumoricon this year. My friend should be going as Modotsuki..I don't think anyone will recognize us. Don't really care though.

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Use painted contacts?

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Can't wear contacts =[

I have eye problems.. which should be totally acceptable for Masada but it's nothing like his eyes.

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Perhaps you could use glasses? I don't really know. I'm not big on cosplays anyway.

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lol sharpie some fake glasses..that would be fun

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I can make my eyes like Masada's, but it eventually makes me feel like my eyes are going to fall out.

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I could almost do that.. on rare occasions without even doing anything at all. Then I'm just like AAAGGHH -Facedesk.-

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Just ignore that. Cross your eyes for pictures or something.
Wear your hair over one of your eyes, maybe?

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I would personally ignore the googly eyes unless you can make your eyes do that, since you can't wear contacts and a mask would just look silly in my opinion. You could also just 'shop pictures I suppose.

(and there had better be pictures since i have never actually seen a masada cosplay ever <3)

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you know, me and my little sister were going to cosplay as Seccom and Madotsuki too... that's awkward. i didn't know they had contacts like that though! i must find this...

>> No.193   [Delete]   [Edit]


; ; cant cross my eyes since I'm already cross-eyed lmao


XD Yes it's gonna look silly (HOPEFULLY NOT <n<) but at the same time I don't wanna just be walking around looking like myself :[

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if you're using a zentai, you should just glue on big googly eyes. you know, like the type you can find at the craft store.

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this is the way i did it >>351
seeing something in that was hard but possible

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I realized just a couple days ago that I can make my left eye go towards my nose and my right eye go up at the same time. Lulz.

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