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Saw this Friday at AnimeNEXT. Thought it was adorable. Only Yume Nikki cosplay I saw though.

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I'm chuckling at Maya's fat legs.
Also Phoenix's finger is dangerously in touching distance of Uboa.

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I hope Phoenix doesn't get transported to Uboaland...

Or maybe that's why he became such a useless hobo in Apollo Justice.

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Uboa likes catgirls.

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Pervboa! Run!

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Is this Friday. Anyone going with Yume Nikki related stuff? Never seen it. It'd make my day since I'm sickypoo :U

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Anyone going? It's in Chesapeak, VA. This Friday through sunday. I'm probably going to be Reisen Udongein Inaba from Touhou. Will post picture by request. :V

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Just a few more days, woot. :D Going for all three with a few friends of mine. My best friend is going to be Tewi. We still need to make her cosplay though, but it's simple, and we have a bit of time.

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So... Any Yume Nikki fans in Florida?

There are lots of conventions going down this summer and I was wondering if anyone was going to cosplay at the Florida Supercon on June 18th - 20th.


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So this is the plan:

Katsucon 2009, three friends and I are going to (hopefully) group cosplay characters from Yume Nikki. Our original three member group worked well. I was going as Madotsuki, my slightly taller but feminine best friend was going to cross-play as Poniko. Our tall and slender friend was going as Seccom Masada-Sensei. Then I got word that one of my long-distance friends was flying in and wanted to be part of it. Now we're not sure who she should be.

So I asko you, /cos/, who do you want to see my short, black friend dress as? Also, what character would be easiest? We were thinking Monoe but that presents a number of problems.

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D: Well I'm sure you were beautiful anyway

Also, OsaColouredCopic is my AIM name, as a heads up c:

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i saw this posted on /cgl/.
is this you, OP?

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This person looks so much like me, it's scary.

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that picture is my new backround milky :D

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Is anyone going to Nan Desu Kan?
hurr I'm probably going to be walking around with something that would identify me as liking Yume Nikki.. but not so sure.

Just wanna know if there's anyone I should look out for.

picture not related.

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HURRR. Orange told me about you~! I might cosplay Madotsuki for half a day, perhaps the first half of Saturday, and I'm gonna probably be carrying an Uboa plush. My friend is attempting to make a Monoko cosplay too, so BAM. If you're gonna be cosplaying YN (Or Masada, is what Orange said- I promise I'm not stalking you, she told me that as well.) I think that would be SUPA NEAT.

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Ya so... anyone going to colossalcon?

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Oh!! I wanted to go, but I forgot about it until Thursday, so... Yeah. D:

I went last year as Madotsuki, though. >>123

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