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(Pic unrelated)

Hey! First off, I am (I think >> I don't remember) a first time poster, long time stalker, cause it is fun and I have a question! =D Yes it is to do with cosplaying =/=

Okay, I am going to Manifest (Australian one) next week and I dont know what to do! I am thinking of cosplaying as either Madasa or Uboa.

Madasa would be easy, just got to figure out what to do with my eyes >> since I dont have 69 shaped eyes and I dont know what to replace it with.

Uboa though, would be hard because I dont know what to do, cause I dont have time to make a FULL ON thing that is like HUGE, so I was thinking of going as the ones like a person commonly seen in fan vids xD But I would not know what to do! >.< Paint my face or get a mask?!

So I am asking for help >> I apologise for the wall of text.

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It's actually really easy to make an Uboa costume by putting some black fabric over an umbrella and hot-gluing the face on the front.

Making a paper-mache mask would also be easy.

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Anyone going to Matsuricon 2010? I'm going as Madotsuki

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Is this weekend and i'll be there as a Cyberpop Kyukyu-kun. So basically its Rule 34 written all over me ;D

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I'll be there this weekend as Mado!
Not sure what you mean by "Cyberpop", but I'll be on the lookout for you! :D

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p.s. I might be Mado for Friday only. I am cosplaying something else the other days, but I would like a picture if I see you :)

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Oh i can't go on friday-- Look up Cyber Goth

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I went as Madotsuki today! (sunday) I was there with my Uboa.
I'm still in the costume now because I'm lazy.

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Hey Uboachan.
Long time lurker, first time posting.

Just showing progress in my Monoko cosplay that I'll be wearing to Seishun-con.
I'm actually working on the arms right now, so it should be complete by tonight.

It's a little blurry, sorry. :c

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it's a boy

Last edited 10/07/03(Sat)12:04.

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Monoko's gotta put those extra "arms" somewhere, right?

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So, are there more pictures of this cosplayer?

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Look for us at Mechacon this July. All three days :3

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Ohai. I'm gonna be at mechacon neeext year. :I not this year though. YOU SHOULD GO AGAIN NEXT YEAR. I would love to see this.

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don't you worry :3

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I found a video of the the person dressed as kyuu-kyuu going down the escalator

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Would I make a good Mado?
Also, tips and whatever would be nice.

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well the hair is obviously a bit on the short side but you have the face for it which can compensate for a lot of things. it's not a hard look to pull off. pink sweater, sew in the right design, skirt, etc. you can even find the shirt for sale if you google.

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Definitely get a wig, but I'd also say you have the face for it. It's a really easy costume to pull off. Much recommended.

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Anyone here going to Nom/Eirtakon in Ireland?
I was think of making Monoko my second cosplay.

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my uboa mask for my cosplay.
yay or nay.

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mouth could be bigger on it.

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And my favorite of the bunch. These are all from A-kon, by the way. Did anyone go?

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could've used one thread.

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Hello, /cos/! My friend and I are going to be at otakon(SP?)! I will be going as Madotsuki, My friend as Poniko, and my little sister as Monoe. (...maybe) Will be posting pics in august! Love you all, /cos/ !~ And I will take pics of my little sis and I when we get our costumes!

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