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hey, Uboachan,

i`m working on my Uboa mask for the next con, still need to paint the insides of the eyes black and place fabric behind the eyes/mouth

what do you think of it?

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holy shit....

that's good. I hope to see the whole thing on later on.

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I'm not a fan of anthropomorphic Uboa, but this looks pretty cool.

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Awesome, I'm going as Uboa for Halloween. XD

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hello I am planning on cosplaying lamp effect Madotsuki and after much contemplation I am still at a loss for how to make the actual lamp? it seems like a fun project but I would quite appreciate /cos/'s tips, advice, and suggestions for how to get started if you would be so kind as to give me some!

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One way you could do this: use a box. You could paint it according to the sprite image on each side (as it looks nearly the same from each angle), but I've also contemplated a 4-effect way: painting a different head on each side. Of course, that would mean you would need eye holes on each face, but this is just a suggestion. As for finding a way to wear the box comfortably, it depends on how tolerant you are, the box itself, and your own innovations; there's certainly a way.

Do post pictures once you've found a solution, and have completed the costume. I've never seen this effect cosplayed before, so I hope to see more out of this project.

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File: 1294880974113.png -(316.1 KiB, 954x535) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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My cosplay of Masada Sensei
I bought 69 eyes contacts (took me ages to find)
No photoshop used except to clean up the BG

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the eyes are really cool, but imo everything else could use a bit of work. not that it's bad or anything! it just has potential to be even better, y'know?

also just out of curiosity are you planning to wear it to any cons?

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I think this is absolutely amazing and honestly I didn't think Masada cosplay could be done previously but you have proved me wrong and put a lot of effort into your cosplay obviously, you've done an amazing job and I'm sure we would all like to see more pictures.

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Goodness, this is good. But where did you find the contacts? I've been looking for the same ones, actually.

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I would also really love to know where you found those contacts~ They look wonderful.

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Duckface Mado and Poniko

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duckface is usually my worst nightmare
but it's okay in this case because me and my mado = alpha as hell lolol

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File: 1296170173102.jpg -(3.4 MiB, 3872x2592) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Hey guys! It snowed again so we had another photoshoot this time with our WIP Mado.
Honestly right now all we have is her hair D: she's gonna be amazing though when it's all put together!
The album is on FB, but I'll put it up on photobucket later so you all can see.

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Oh my god you look so incredibly lovely. Best Poniko I've ever seen. <3

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<3 omg thank you miss lex. THAT MEANS SO MUCH TO MEEE I AM CRYING IN HAPPINESS <3333

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hi your cosplay is really nice and all but it might be cool if you stuck to one thread for every shoot you did instead of cluttering up the board I thought you might have learned last time but just a friendly suggestion!!

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Yeah sure! I'm sorry!

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File: 1248676870582.jpg -(96.6 KiB, 600x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Dear Uboachan,
I'm going to make a Madotsuki cosplay for Anime Dreams 2010 on Brazil, January. I only go to anime cons on January and July, and for this month I've done Ryoji from Persona.
My confirmed group is Madotsuki (me), Poniko, Uboa and Masada. I'm trying to get Shitai, at least one of the Mono girls and Mafuraako. I'll get you pics as soon as the cosplay is ready. But I need some opinions and/or help here.
I'm buying a wig, because my hair is very short and it will never grow long, at least not enough to have braids. How long should the wig be? I'm also wondering about the skirt lenght.
Also, I don't know how we're going to make Uboa look... Uboa-ish. Y'know, round and stuff.
Any tips?

Picture almost related; that was my Ryoji cosplay this month, and the Shinjiro is the guy who's gonna be our Uboa.

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Hey, I saw you guys in Anime Friends! I was cosplaying as Germany, from Axys Powers Hetalia. I totally freaked out, but my camera wasn't working that day...

Anyway, if you are searching for a Toriningen or a Monoe, I am planing to have one of them ready for Ressaca.

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Oh, so you were Germany! There was no way I could forget about the first one who recognised me~
I have to check if my friends are going to Ressaca. I most probably will, but if they don't we'll have three characters less. About which one to do, either Monoe or a Toriginen is fine as long as we have more characters to spread the love. I think Monoe is easier to do, but it's up to you.

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File: 1288303835906.jpg -(36.8 KiB, 300x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

While I wait for Anima Osasco and Ressaca, I'm planning my next cosplays. Specifically, Alex (Inspiration), Gumi (Vocaloid, from the Matryoshka song) and Madoka (Fatal Frame 4).
Alex will be made probably for Anime Dreams so let's talk about that. My friend will go as Kazenori. Yey for crossplay.
Though I have no fucking idea how I'm going to make his shirt. I know how to sew a little emblem on the front of a pink shirt, but getting a huge thing like Alex's will be a pain... I don't even know what kind of fabric to use.
We're trying to get more people for our fangame raid... And my friends might come as Masada/Kyukyu/Uboa again. I wanted the one who made Masada to make one of the fangame males, but he refused. Well, I don't blame him, since the only one he slightly likes is Kazaguruma and he wears a dress... And Jose is too blonde for him (?). My friend that would (be forced to) go as Urotsuki won't be able to go =<
Any other brazilians interested on making a YN+fangame cosplay group? We accept NPCs too.

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File: 1295972679921.jpg -(39.4 KiB, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

So for AD11 we were supposed to have the whole group again but one of my friends refused to go as Masada and the other one forgot to put Kyukyu in his bag orz.

Well this was so random I don't even know.

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Hey, so.. I wanna cosplay Madotsuki and I need a bit of help... what do you think her skirt is? A pleated skirt, or an A-line skirt? or is it more like a pencil skirt?

Also, my hair is kinda short, so I don't know if I should use extension braids or cosplay as Madotsuki cat effect, because her braids kinda dissappear when she uses that one...

>> No.1156   [Delete]   [Edit]

her skirt is up to your imagination or whatever you think looks best or is easiest, really.

and her braids do disappear completely so it would be incorrect to have braids when cosplaying cat effect, don't bother with extensions.

>> No.1157   [Delete]   [Edit]

ok, thanks I will make the skirt that is easiest for me to make, and I think I will cosplay cat effect because she has no braids with that one

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Does /cos/ want?
I just need to order the wig and the iv drip stand.

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the question is, would YOU make a good Greenbloodchan?

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File: 1295153552801.jpg -(89.8 KiB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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question: would i make a good madotsuki?
i probably should have put my hair in braids for the pic but im tired m
don't be afraid to be brutally honest

if it helps--i'm 5'3", skinny + my eyes are usually pretty squinty hehh

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File: 1295176244592.png -(282.3 KiB, 433x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I think it would do fine. Squinty eyes for perfect for mado asianness.

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File: 1294876587971.jpg -(489.2 KiB, 1050x1164) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Hey /cos/!
So, the next con I'm going to is Katsucon.
Is anyone here going? And if you are is anyone gonna cosplay? Because I want to see if we can get even a small group together to have a photoshoot during the con.

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