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FREAKAZOID! <3333.... i miss so much that show! D:

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Good Times

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:U this place need more Candlejack, becaus

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OH GODDAMN why did you have to bring up Candlejack to this t

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whats so wrong about saying candlejack? I just don't ge

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I can totally say Candlejack and finish a sente

(holy fuck i dont get it its like you're compelled to do it against your will)

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i can say candlejack without bein

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Candlejack is a stupid meme. if you get kidnapped who hits the submit butt

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He does it for you. What a swell guy even if he kidnaps you.

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yeah, candlejack is pretty aweso

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I can say Candlejack while finishing a sentence.

See? I just did it.

Do you want to know how?

...Because I AM Candlejack!

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OK, I'm not Candlejack, and I'm not Chuck Norris, and I'm not anybody important, either. But, I just broke the internet. Have a nice day!

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Just admit it, you're Superman. Nobody can say Candlejack and not disap

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Maybe Candlejack is just allergic to me. I don't think Candlejack wants to go near people who stick their finger up their ass and eat what they find.

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