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So, I've been on a Rocko's Modern Life binge lately, watching it on netflix with my 3DS while I surf the internet. Man, that show is cool, but wow did the jokes go over my head as a kid.
ANYWAY. In this thread, let us discuss 90's nickelodeon. Please excuse me if there's already a similar thread, I didn't see one. Ok, let the nostalgia commence!

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It's a shame there isn't stuff like that nowadays. It's all CGI, and outsourced crap with no charm.

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Yeah, nickelodeon is a total wasteland now.
Cartoon Network still has some cool stuff, like Regular Show and Adventure Time, but what does Nick have? Well, spongebob will always be fun to watch, but otherwise, the channel sucks now. Once that new "Avatar: legend of Korra" or whatever the hell it's called FINALLY comes out, there will be something good to watch. yeah, Avatar might have been the best show ever on Nick, as much as I loved the 90's stuff.

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I think that too often people dismiss modern media, especially animation, as crap compared to what was on the air during their childhood.

everything was better when you were 12. this doesn't apply to everything, just you. there is a 12 year old kid who thinks that current cartoons are pretty good, but he's wrong, because he was not 12 when you were 12.

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Oh I know, as I said, there are many great modern shows, like adventure time, regular show, Avatar: the last air bender, flapjack, ect. There's just way more crap these days that makes it harder to dig through and find the gems. As a kid, I can think of like, two shows I didn't like, Thorn berries and rocket power. I can't even name all the modern cartoons I hate on all my fingers. there's just too many. For every Flapjack, there's two or three Johnny tests's

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I'm sure there were plenty of cartoons back then you hated, you just don't remember them.

When the kids of this generation grow up, what are they more likely to remember, Adventure Time and Avatar or Secret Saturdays and Squirrel Boy?

Try starting an "anti-nostalgia" thread on regular /co/ and you'd be surprised at how many retarded Ren and Stimpy ripoffs sprung up.

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I hated that show, Butt Ugly Martians. I think that's what started the shitty CGI shows in the first place. That show was so baaaaaaaaad.

Didn't Reboot come on around the same time that did? I remember BUM(ROFL) would be on Nickelondeon around the same time I came home from school, where I immediately turned it to Cartoon Network and fuck yeah, Reboot was on. That or Salor Moon, but I didn't like it as much as Reboot.

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I just said in that post that I hated thorn berries and rocket power, and yeah butt ugly martians too, but that show seemed newer to me.

but seriously, the point of this thread isn't to say I'm stupid for saying old cartoons were cool, I just wanted to have a nostalgia thread .__. can't we just reminisce about stuff we loved and be happy rather then remember the crap we hated?

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remember the old donkey kong CGI cartoon?
good times :)

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I thought I was the only one who loved that. I loved it. A lot.

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I don't remember seeing it on tv, but I rented a VHS with a few episodes from block buster, and mom used to have a weird way of hooking up two VCR players together so she could make copies of all the tapes she rented me. she was l337 like that. But yeah, the animation and stuff was poor and it was a stupid show, but the singing was actually...really good D : also I loved donkey kong so much back then.

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i remember that deleted scene where rocko tries to eat a bears testicles 0_0

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