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Ok, so I want clopfic. Big Mac X Applejack, plz.

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Shouldn't this be in /lit/? Or, you know, on Ponychan.

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There's already a pony thread.

Two, even.

And I love ponies but please. One is enough.

Last edited 11/08/01(Mon)14:49.

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ponythreads on Uboachan's precious /co/?!?!

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Once upon a time in the magical land of equines, there was a brother and sister who loved each other very much. Their names were Big Macintosh and Applejack. Every day they would work together on their apple farm. They would spend countless hours in the apple cart teasing each other. But then, one day, Big Macintosh hit pony puberty. The teasing became a sexual stressor for him. He couldn't take it anymore and fucked applejack in the face. The End.

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