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Food for thought.

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yeah it's said that disasters appeared in all sorts of scenes of movies/cartoons before they happened

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Interesting, Ive heard about this. glad i saw the pic now, thanx

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This is interesting, are there more like this?

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Check this out.

>time code is 00:16:09 - 00:16:11

interesting yeah? This simpsons thing is the only 9/11 thing that interests me. Most everything else dealing with numbers is more than likely all coincidences.

are all probably coincidences, but the ones actually detailing towers being hit with planes (like the super mario bros movie) ARE interesting.

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you're not perfect

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This thread needs more MAN IN GAUZE.

Last edited 11/01/25(Tue)15:28.

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>>80 Shit always seems to happen with great shows.

Other than the cancer fetus and of course RAMSEEEEEEEEEEEES!!! Courage the cowardly dog was just the closest kids could get to an R rated movie. Boy do I miss those days...

Also, image is of the episode that almost made me cry.

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I think that... thing had a lot of subliminal contex into it.
For one, it would be extremely scary for children, making it's message easier to get across.
Though It's not a flash of something, I do think that It can ulter one's mind.
I do think it's very symbolic as well.

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Fffff– I'm watching that ep right now.

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File: 1286654310925.jpg -(622.8 KiB, 616x882) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


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somebody's fishing for a whole lotta win

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File: 1295742437012.jpg -(19.9 KiB, 436x333) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

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I bring you a belated Christmas present

WARNING: It's pretty bloody and gore-y, definitely nothing for the weak-stomached, but most of the actual gore is implied.

Hope you enjoy it. :D

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most pointless ever?

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Only 3 letters can express my feelings


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Something Awful is a pretty terrible site.

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This hasn't been put up yet?!

But in any case,
'maternelle' is a French student film that focuses on a little boy's horrifying first day in a seemingly harmless kindergarten.

YouTube link here

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Yeah, I'd say that's what my first day of Kindergarten was like.

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Because I'm bored and got a .zip of (I think) all the comics so far.

Starting with a lesser-known one.

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I don't get the "ME ME" part. Is there some joke there?

But otherwise, goddamn. I thought my comics were fucked up.

Still, I really want to read the rest of these now because I'm a sick fuck and also I want to see if her dad gets it in the end. And by gets it I mean gets murdered.

Does anyone have the rest of them?

Last edited 10/12/21(Tue)19:45.

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Oh wait never mind I get it. mimi. me me.


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If you look at the strip, she's Mimi. The dad is the wolf.


>(and her family)


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Am I a horrible person for laughing at this?

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Have to be sad or amazing. No Nick Fury bursting through walls on a motorcycle.

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File: 1258998128161.jpg -(1.2 MiB, 996x1226) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The first one really moved me... This is the only I can contribute with, I think.

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;u; Where is this from? Do you know who drew it?

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All I found


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this one always touches me

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Prepare for the Origin of Mr. Gone

Last edited by moderator 11/08/16(Tue)19:52.

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What comic is this called? I want moar. D:

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It's called "Circle" by this fine lady: http://www.mildtarantula.com/
I am trying to save up money to buy it for quite a while now. It's really not expensive, I just suck at saving money.

Last edited 10/07/09(Fri)04:26.

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Ah, thanks. It seems sad, but for some reason I sorta like sad things.
I have the weridest fettish ever.

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This was so depressing I wanted to stop reading. :C

But heeey, I remember Mr.Gone from the show!

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oh god wtf the /co/ sign at the top that blue thing from courage the cowardly dog made me shit brix i wasnt expecting to see that fucking thing again!

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the new banner is creepy as fuck, but this thing isn't too creepy alone.

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FUCK that banner. It keeps getting me. Also fuck I'm going to keep using ghost because goddamn lunascape.

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What about this one?

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I didn't even notice it...

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Bizarre animation general thread

Just weird/surreal/interesting stuff you've found that you think YN fans might like. AKA anything goes but let's post some weird shit for us all to lolwut at. (Stopmotion, 2D, 3D, Flash, After Effects shenanigans, etc.)

I guess I'll start... I was wandering around vimeo and I found some sort of deranged alphabet of videos. Watch, try to guess what the letters stand for, trip balls. They are all totally different.
Q and H are my favorites (though I haven't watched them all)

Really beautiful short film, everything else on their youtube account is really amazing

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No, your english is fine, no worries.
And thanks for the explanation

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File: 1287347914282.jpg -(8475 B, 294x340) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Love this thread.

Can I share something?

First part:

Second part:

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Here's some random strange animations


Studio 4°C = animation gods. Go watch Tekkonkinkreet if you haven't already.

Lastly, here's some Calarts insanity (fuck logic)

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