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So many eyes...staring at you.

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I had just forgotten about that place... ;^; It gives me the creeps, especially when you use the stoplight.

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You know, if you drew these, you should draw and post moar. I like your style. :3

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And those walls are really creeping me out. Seriously.

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The walls, floors and people are eyes, they are all staring at you... watching... judging... Its a very tense room.

Thanks and I will!
I drew >>909, You can probably find me on DA just by searching through "YumeNikki".
(I'm not linking however, simply for the sake of being somewhat anonymous.)

However >>911 is not me and is HuraHura on Pixiv who draws YumeNikki fan art a LOT more frequently than I do: http://www.pixiv.net/index.php?id=95227

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For some reason I always thought that area was a packed nightclub, especially the "guard" in front of the flashy door. XD

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This was never scary to me, just annoying because I had to stab everything just to get to the Mountain-kun.

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Woah! Do you have a deviantArt page?

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FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-- Afrosada I love the shit out of you but GODDAMN THAT'S CREEPY.

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I personally found using the cat effect to be creepier orz

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i was mad when i took the time to kill all of them and nothing happened >:|

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yes, not linking it though, you'll have to find it yourself.

hehehe. >;D

it left me unsatisfied, i think that was the point of the room though, to give you that "all that work for nothing" sort of empty feeling.

Incidentally, have you guys tried using the STOPLIGHT or CAT EFFECT in that room? :}

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I made this into my wallpaper

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