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Does anyone have any art of the Yuki-onna? Been curious to see what people have done.

Ahhh, no porn, please? Also, if there's any shipping, which... doesn't make a great deal of sense to me, try and make it not yuri? I'm not going to be terribly picky, though.

Please and thank you c:

Also: Pic sort of related

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Yuki-Onna X Goppa OTP 4 Life

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Oh, there are a lot of Yuki onna pictures because it's a Japanese mythological creature.
It's not just a Yume Nikki-only thing.

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She meant Yume Nikki Yuki-Onna, goobers B:

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Well, what I really wanted to say is that it's hard to find Yume Nikki's Yuki-onna pics.
Also the one that he/she/it posted isn't the one from YN.

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Well, I had something I drew in the YN General board if you want to look through the drawing thread.

>Yuki-Onna X Goppa OTP 4 Life

Wait... WAT?

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don't you think it's kawaii ^_^

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