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What's Kyukyu-kun supposed to represent, anyway? I know this pic is ANCIENT but I don't have many good pics of him :/

on a somewhat related note I like calling him Big Purple Rubby Thing because of that one Let's Play video

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Well, some think that Madotsuki has been raped some time prior to the game, which explains lots of the Freudian overtones.

Under that theory, he and the FACE that follows could her dream's representation of the rape itself. This is mostly inspired by KyuKyu-kun's, uh, phallic shape.

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A small theory I have is that Kyuukyuu-kun used to be someone who lived in the same apartment as Mado. Someone who always looked at her and rubbed the stair railing as if planning to have their way with her? |D.

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Maybe it's because I'm not cashing in on the PITY MEdotsuki trend, but I always saw Kyukyu-kun as just something put in there for the lulz. Maybe something that...represents Mado's sense of humor or something. -shot-


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File: 1241462663838.jpg -(182.9 KiB, 600x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I agree with the rape theory.Especially because, in order to get to Kyukyu-kun, you must stab the wall with the peculiar zipper.That could somehow represent "penetration",followed by Kyukyu-kun and the "face" that could also resemble a penis and a vagina if you look closely.That, or a grabbing monster.Who knows...

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I always figured it was the expression the rapist had when she saw him on her? I can't make that sound right. I imagine that it was probably dark when it happened and if there was a lot of thrashing about, one's vision can go a bit.. wonky and produce colours shown here.

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This thread has blown my mind.

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NO, you heartless bitch. It's quite obvious what Madotsuki's been through, and you just don't want to admit it because you have no soul and can't feel sympathy for a poor little girl.

Also, yeha I agree with the rapist theory. It might've been someone really close to her too, judging by the apartment door that leads to FACE, and FACE is her shock and horror that somebody could do something like that to her.

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Whoa whoa dear, calm down. While I agree that that the rape theory is pretty prominent with Kyuukyuu-kun, there's no need to toss around insults to your fellow YN lover. |D This is, afterall, a game for fun and Mado is still (as far as we know) a purely fictional character.

To psychoanalyze is fun but be sure not to start any wars here. |D.

In before STFU.

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I think they're being sarcastic but they did italicize 'bitch', which is a bit serious.

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Ah, you got me, it as sarcasm. EMOdotsuki being practically canon was getting a little annoying.

Carry on, folks~

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Same here. I thought Kyukyu might be a character from a wacky cartoon Madotsuki watches (or watched). In one episode, he fell in love with a staircase...that's why he might be in her dreams rubbing a banister.

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>> 15

When the blood pours out after she stabs the wall, it could represent the loss of virginity during the act...

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...I believe you have won this thread, good sir.

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She wasn't raped.

What really happened is that

She raped someone.
And killed them.

Last edited 09/05/06(Wed)11:15.

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...yes. Yandere-Madotsuki ftw.

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"and then a giant guy in his mascot suit
raped her
it's the japanese version of goofy time"

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I think it has to do with something behind her door irl. The only place you can see her bedroom door besides the nexus and in her room is in kyuu-kyuu's 'lair'. After you close the door you see this nightmarish face slowly appear. Maybe her dad molested her?

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I don't like having Madotsuki suffer ;_;

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Note that he rubs the stairs more slowly when you have the knife out. Definitely a creepy fellow.

Also can you only go to that area once per game?

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No, there's a random chance you can stab the thing to open up this area when you go to sleep. Just leave and try again.

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I want one!

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Real men already have them.

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I want to know where this is.
In before NEWFAG LOL

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The world with the numbers on the floor.

You stab a uterine zipper. And go inside. :|

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I gotta disagree mainly since the door you open in the kyukyu room which leads to the angry face fullscreen event is the same as the door in Madotsuki's room. We don't know what the hallway in Madotsuki's apartment looks like, but the potential for a real-world correlation of the kyu-kyu room certainly supports kyu-kyu being symbolic of a traumatic event.

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It's just a theory, but... Maybe Kyukyu-kun's room IS what's behind Madotsuki's door, but deformed by her mind? It looks like a corridor. She goes out of her door, walks down the stairs, then the building's hallway, then outside to school, where she learns math (number world). And Kyukyu-kun was someone she met every day when going outside... A perverted guy who tried to touch her, maybe?

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I'm so tired of people wanted mado to be raped/molested. It's all you people think about.

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the guy just likes rubbing poles ok
leave kyukyu-kun alone
geez you guys

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Who said anything about wanting it? You're just denying things because you don't want to accept the grim truths of the world.

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It's a game.
Madotsuki's a fictional character.
it doesn't really matter bro
The whole rape theory IS really overused and somewhat irritating.

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Kyukyu-kun is a wobbling jelly Madotsuki ate while climbing the stairs to her room which caused her to have severe stomach ache, thus explaining the so-called 'face'
nuff said.

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see now why can't we have more theories like this

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this is beautiful

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How about it represents an artist. That would always be covered in mixed matched paint.

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And...likes to fap a lot?

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Who doesn't?

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I always thought that Kyukyu could represent a druggie and the... well, strange things that druggies do. He'd probably have some pigment infections or whatever... I dunno really.

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Okay. Uhm, I love how people nag about Madoksuki suffering or being raped and then come up w/ ridiculous theories about cartoon shows or eating funny jello. The reason the raped scenario is 'overused' is b/c it fits.

You can twist it anyway you want (ie: a rape that happened, someone who wanted to rape her and/or how she felt about either situation) but the fact remains is that it fits.

Here's a proposition. Take each detail into account and come up w/ a jolly old tale for Madoksuki. Something barfing so much sunshine that the thought of an obviously disturbed Madoksuki is out of the question. Something that actually makes sense, if you can. And by details I mean the Numbers World, the zipper, blood from said zipper, the staircase, Kyuku's disposition, the FACE, etc, etc.

I'm sure it'll be amusingly muddled at least

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Madotsuki thinks the blood is strawberry juice or something.

yeah I've totally had that dream before.

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That makes no sense. Unless you can relate it to the other details.

Also, why is there strawberry juice coming out of a zipper in the wall the wall then?

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Ridiculous theory:

Mado's Pokemon Red game froze and glitched up while fighting her first Diglett.

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Alright, let's do this! HAPPY MADO FUNTIME GO!!
So, number world is quite obviously Mado going to school and lernin sum mathz (as mentioned in a few previous posts). The zipper door is just the door to her house, which would be incredibly hard to open, meaning that sometimes Mado would have to push and kick the door until it, occasionally stabbing it the with key left under the welcome mat (simply putting the key in the lock never worked anyway, since part of it had broken off, making it resemble an ordinary kitchen knife. seriously bullshitting the key = knife part). KyuKyu-Kun is Mado's father, who would always welcome her home by standing near the railing and smiling. One day he accidentally slipped, but his hand stayed on the rail and it kind of looked like he was rubbing the rail, which Mado found pretty funny, so she kept dreaming about it to cheer her up in her dreams. FACE is not intended to be scary, but relaxing. Yeah, Mado is an odd little girl, so she finds stuff like that relaxing, I don't know why (mega-bullshitting). The sounds, pulsating colors, etc. remind her of home (her aztec rug, her static-y TV, etc.), so they remind her not to get too afraid in her dreams since they are nothing but dreams.

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Dreams kinda make no sense. That was sort of my point. Sometimes things can be completely RIDICULOUS and have little connection to actual reality.

Happy fun time version: Madotsuki finds the grotesque hilarious. FACE may have been a nightmare but she realizes upon waking that eating lasagna before bed means the lasagna gets revenge.

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File: 1282788147526.png -(453.5 KiB, 1725x1709) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Unzip, Rub, Scary blurred-memory Raep.
Prod prod prod INSERTI-FACE oh god NO.

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he's a penis :O

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File: 1285612182074.png -(382.3 KiB, 479x398) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


No but seriously. Did you even play the game?It's painfully obvious that Mado is a quite disturbed child. FFS, did you even get to the end of the game? Think about all the things you see in her head, and about the end of the game, and tell me that a rape-theory doesn't fit.

The reason it's spouted so much is because it MAKES SENSE. It ties things together, so it's time to wake up and smell the blood.

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Pretty sure people can be crazy without having been sexually abused...

>> No.2128   [Delete]   [Edit]

Yes, but the point is, Madotsuki is still disturbed, and the rape theory is most prominent because it ties a lot of things together in nicely.

People who refuse to believe that there's anything wrong, and that Madotsuki is just a sweet innocent girl are the people who frustrate me, and apparently played the game blind.

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File: 1285730129386.jpg -(206.3 KiB, 588x571) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


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I thought the zipper was just a pants zipper and kyuukyuu was just what was inside

that's what I think too, cause she's the one stabbing the zipper, forcing her way in...It's more amusing this way anyways, the other way makes her sound like a weak little girl, een though she clearly isn't.

Last edited 10/10/13(Wed)09:25.

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It's all anyone thinks about! It's funny that then they swear "omg but it's like so sad and you just can't acceptz it!"

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Y'know in all the 'Mado is obviously disturbed' doesn't seem to fit so well with me. When I was a child I had similar-type dreams and I'd like to say I'm not very disturbed. The jumping off could be thought of a depression, anyone who's stayd in their rooms for months at a time knows how bad the depression gets.

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Uh. Guys. This isn't /t/

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>she's the one opening the zipper

Because it started out as experimentation with a male friend, who then took it too far and ignored Mado's struggling. The loss of control over FACE seems quite relevant to me.

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He rubs faster when she has the cat effect on and rubs slower when she had the knife. :/

Rapist much?

No seriously go to the yume nikki wiki and go to theories. You will learn SO much about this game that was made by one japanese man, but it is FILLEEDDDD with meaning and things you didnt even know.

>> No.2599   [Delete]   [Edit]

It's the other way around.
He rubs faster with the knife effect on.
Kyukyu-kun is turned on by violence.
The cat effect doesn't do anything in my game, i don't really see a difference.
But there are people who claim he rubs slower with the cat effect.

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Okay you pack of Freudian misfits, if you have not heard, Kyukyu is a dildo. With a tickler. Found at your local sex shop, made of silicone. Have fun, fellow exophiles!

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Oh so that's what those bits are called.

>> No.2619   [Delete]   [Edit]

First thing I thought when I saw FACE was "It looks like an oni."

>> No.2707   [Delete]   [Edit]


No. You will not "learn SO much about this game", you will learn SO much about people's theories about the game. Kikiyama hasn't told anyone what his game means, or if it is even supposed to mean anything. Everything is just speculation. Some of it fits in more nicely than others, but in the end it's all speculation.

Last edited 11/04/29(Fri)23:53.

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the FACE is an orgasm

however orgasms are happy

rape is not happy

therefor the face is not happy

however kyukyukun is happy

because he is raping.

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File: 1309309981969.png -(326.3 KiB, 553x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Just drew this today! :3

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This entire thread makes me kind of sad. The fact that people are getting all bent out of shape over someone else's theory on a fictional game is really kind of depressing. Can't we all play nice and accept that different people have different ideas?

Personally, I never thought KyuKyu was a penis or even vaguely phallic until I found Uboachan. I always thought that he (along with Mars) were just kind of a reality check, because....I'm weird like that, I guess. But then, I also thought that she was already dead (Death dream theory) or that she's in a coma or something, so...off on a tangent, sorry.

My point is, maybe he raped Mado, maybe not, I don't think Kikiyama's telling, therefor we'll never be sure.

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File: 1309920334018.png -(121.7 KiB, 282x424) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Hmmm, am I the only one who wants to get a body pillow for the sole purpose of making a Kyukyu-Kun Pillow case?

>> No.2808   [Delete]   [Edit]

Also, in lieu of my idiocy-
Perhaps Kyukyu is symbolic of a masturbation fetish? Constant rubbing of pole, in a secluded space behind a closed door?

Only my theory doesn't make sense because Mado is a dainty lady and (hopefully) does not have a penis.

Or maybe Kyukyu is just cute, pink and would make a nice pillow case.

>> No.2844   [Delete]   [Edit]

taking this on because i have writer's block atm
Numbers World is Madotsuki's neighborhood/apartment complex/hotel with lots of elevators/doors (she often struggles to remember her apartment door/room number/block, hence the numbers). In the lobby, there's a guy standing at a management-only door, and another guy just hanging out. Her knife is the key/button that unlocks the door/elevator to her house/room/apartment, which is a zipper in her dreams. The staircase is there because Mado has a staircase outside her door IRL. Kyu-Kyu is some guy who actually wants to talk to and be friends with her (He looks phallic because Mado doesn't know how else to make something look somewhat non-malicious in her dreams except by giving it completely rounded features and bright, happy colors). He knocks on the door to talk to her, but she either doesn't want to see him or is asleep so there's no answer. He always drags his hands on the staircase on the way out which Mado sometimes hears from her bedroom. He rubs the pole slower when the Cat Effect is on and faster when the Knife Effect comes is on is because if Mado acted "insane" by making animal noises, especially meowing (trust me when I say imitating a cat is pretty easy if you have a somewhat high, female voice) to make him go away for the aforementioned reasons ("get out, i'm sleepy"or "not right now i have a fucking headache"), he'd know she was just kidding around and take his sweet old time leaving, but if she actually sounded annoyed or pissed off (almost to the point of death threats) he'd get lost much quicker.
FACE is how she perceives the dim, yet flashing colors and shapes you see when you close your eyes (which could mean she already woke up but is keeping her eyes closed).

DONE AND DONE. It may not be extremely jolly-happy, but it's perfectly ~ordinary~ and typical for any person who lives alone.

>> No.2899   [Delete]   [Edit]

oh god i never wanted to believe it but it's so believable now that someone wrote it down and i read it oh god.

Last edited 11/09/02(Fri)21:25.

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I agree on the Madotsuki initiating it
I think he was a trusted figure though, like a family friend or a teacher though, who might've blackmailed her with it later; which is why she can't touch him.

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File: 1316389674744.png -(25.9 KiB, 905x363) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

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