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Yes, I know there's already a thread for the named creatures, but what about the unnamed ones? Should we take it upon ourselves to name them all? It would be less confusing.
All the ones I can name off my head are:
[The general ones]
Seccom Masada
[Lesser known]
Steve "Leif" Kareha (WOOH!)
Big Red
No Face/Blue girls
MerutoMaro (>>187)
FC Lizardmen
Kamakurako (Igloo girl)
Mafuraako (Hat-and-Scarf girl)
The Alley Demon
The Thing with the Quivering Jaw (I'm all for keeping his name like this)
...Leg Vomit Bean Shit Man. (I love that name)
Aztec Rave Monkey
Tokuto-kun (Blood-coming-out-of-his-head-man)
The cat (The one on top of the mall.)

For things like this
should we come up with names now to avoid further confusion?
First, I want to know if we should start naming the unnamed ones. Then, I want to hear suggestions.
Is this okay?
Edit: Awesome, so it's a definite.
[List of newly named characters]
Pier Monster
Dave Spector
Edit: We should also vote on new names. If I see that more people prefer a name than oppose it, I'll add it to the list. Otherwise, they'll be pending.

[Pending list]
Meimu& Iru-jon
Yami Bouzu
Severed Heads
Eye Guy
Shikyuu [Uterus]
Eye Vine
Psy-Guy/Cube Guru
OH U (Pffffft. Should we really refer to him as the OH U picture? I'm all for it.)
Buyo Buyo/Organoid Jr.
Boss, Grunts
Eagle Jelly
Salem Tree
Shadow Pariah
Watching Crowd
Nasu Man
For the "O"-man near "E"-man :
Joe Perry
Dr. O
Big O
Mini O

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Sounds like a good idea. I've been thinking to name each of the three different models of Toriningen with different names, but I don't know, it can end up being more confusing than anything... XD

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File: 1245202972466.png -(18.9 KiB, 495x353) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I like the idea. And I'll contribute some:

I call the dude in the picture Okamoto-san, because his face is similar to the works of the Japanese abstract artist Taro Okamoto. :3
...Yeah, I'm an art nerd.

>Leg Vomit Bean Shit Man

...Who is that?
I'm guessing the thing in the background behind Uboa?

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File: 1245203389661.png -(18.8 KiB, 651x519) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Also, I think these guys in the picture need names. I find them cute. ;__;

Add the Pier Monster to the list- it's that magenta, eel-like creature with the two green eyes at the docks.

The thing in the background with the three eyes that you see before the Thing With the Quivering Jaw needs a name, too. (It's the black or red thing with red tentacles. It changes colors depending on whether you pass five or ten of those eye-monster things prior to going to the manhole northeast of Shitai.)

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>>Steve "Leif" Kareha

It's just "Kareha".

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We agreed on naming him "Steve 'Leif' Kareha".
And I prefer that full name, to be honest >U

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>>Steve "Leif" Kareha

Is that the creepy dude in the monochrome desert with the huge eyes? I call him "Picasso."

>>I've been thinking to name each of the three different models of Toriningen with different names.

"Tori" "Rin/Rini" and "Gen"? 8D

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Personally, I'm not sure - I am afraid it might become too complicated for newcomers.

When I first came here, I was very confused by all the names, and most of time I didn't know what everyone was talking about.

So, to finish.. My opinion is, we could name the more 'important' characters, but let's not go for giving a name for every single character.

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Steve is >>167

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Thanks. :'D

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His in-game label is "Kareha". A forum in-joke doesn't take precedence over the name designated by Kikiyama, sorry to say. I mean, do guys honestly think that "Steve 'Leif'" fits the feel of Kikiyama's creations...?

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I thought Madotsuki was the only character that has a definite name in-game..
Every other name seems to be made up by the fandom.

Since there's no real plot structure to the game, Madotsuki's the only major character, in my opinion. If the other less-known creatures have fitting names to describe them, there will probably be less confusion to newcomers.

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I'm thinking that we could call the guy in the topic pic "Picasso". Wait, what IS is/her/its name according to the in-game data, anyways?

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Sigh. For the LAST time, there is no "in-game data" that gives a name to ANYONE except for Madotsuki. Every other name came from the Japanese community.

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I just checked my game and it has no name. It's just "EV0032", which is the default name RPG Maker gives to every event. The only place I've seen him called Kareha is http://www7.plala.or.jp/syami/zukan.htm , which is a site with fanart.

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You should call the sewer guy something after Ghibli.

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Most just call him the Sewer Monster, but Kaonashi (the Japanese name for No-Face) would be suitable.

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Why don't we just use that site for names? At least we'll match the Japanese community.

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I've always called the Big Red "The Red Picasso"("Il Picasso Rosso" in Italian fufufu)...

Also, those black shadows with red eyes in the shadow world...I call them Pissipissini.
And Meri, you forgot the Blood-Coming-Out-Of-His-Head Man.

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>>Blood-Coming-Out-Of-His-Head Man.

Tokuto-kun. :/

ALSO! Some names according to that website.

Goppa-kun -> Blood-barfy-guy in the footprint area with the little button.
Aka no Ousama -> The face thing after Kyukyu-kun. (It means "Red King." Hmm...)
Wapuman -> The blue/green guy in the sky garden that disappears when you come close to him.
Yami bouzu -> "Pissipissini." It means "black monk."
Batsu -> Vine eyeball things in the vine desert.
Zettai Kami -> Aztec Monkey. It means "Never God."
Tsuribito-san -> Fisherman.
Kubi nashi kyojin -> One-eyed "headless" monsters.
Numachi-Onna -> Faceless girls. "Swamp woman."
Dave Spector -> Picasso guy in the monochrome desert. "Deebu Supekutaa."
Baird Private SHAA -> Eyeball guy in numbers world.
UNKOHEA Eater -> Poop hair monster.
Jiji -> The cat on the roof of the mall.
Kurage Juushoku -> Jellyfish. "Jellyfish priest."
Pirori -> Shadow guys in the barracks.
Kodomo -> Midget.

Of course we could simplify a lot of these.

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No worries, I added both names. Sorry for forgetting him.

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There's also the crying leg-guy on Mars, whose name is Tasei-san. It only means "Mr. Mars".

Also, what about the freakish people in the pictures besides Leg Vomit Bean Shit Man? The guy with the huge head, the thin dude with a backwards-facing hand and a hole like Monoko's in his stomach. Also, the eye-pillar-thing that reminds me a bit of Tasei-san. I think they should get names as well.

Also, what about the two heads cut in half that act as doorways in the Monochrome world near Shitai? Halfhead-kuns? Or the round blob that forms a face when you stab it in the sewers? Beanbag? Or the blue guy on the floor of the kill-room in the Numbers World? Inexplicable Blue Face Dude? Or the falling/flying thing on the stairway to the sky garden? Or the teleporting thing in that park-like place, or the people staring out off a cliff in the same area, or the evil-looking tree in the same place as the blue girls?

Giving names to everything in YN is futile and pointless, but damned if it isn't fun!

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>>Zettai Kami -> Aztec Monkey. It means "Never God."

That is /so/ awesome.

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I am all for the Picasso guy being named Dave.

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Agreed. If we finally settle on the names, we should make a ref. sheet for them, so it wouldn't be confusing.

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Alright, I'll get to work on that. Got to get all the characters from the game and such, though.

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File: 1245441279013.png -(6183 B, 248x393) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Good idea.
I suggest we all chip in so that it won't be so time-consuming searching for everything. I've taken screenshots of lesser known things I've stumbled across, so I'll help too.

Also, I propose this particular one be OH U Guy.
Just because.

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oh god i lol'd

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I vote for the singing man in the mall to be named Counselor. Madotsuki would see a mental health clinic in all likelihood, and he sings a soothing melody. No one in her dreams talk, but soothing melodies come from his mouth, as if to comfort her.

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You know these two guys on the return trip on the train? Because of their hairstyle, the remind me somewhat of the Beatles. We could name them something related as a homage to them.

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I was thinking he be called "Dr. Song" or something similar. The place seems more like a doctor's or dentist's office than anything else.

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I'm pretty sure those are chicks, and I see no resemblance to the haircuts of the Beatles either.

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File: 1245468819038.jpg -(39.5 KiB, 476x479) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Eh, I never thought about the sex of these guys. I can kind of see what Cryssie is saying. Their hair is somewhat like how the Beatles were depicted in the animated series...

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Mullet-kun and Mullet-chan.
Fund it.

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File: 1245468951812.jpg -(48.1 KiB, 691x490) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

...or their hair is kind of like how the Beatles' hair was circa 1966.

We ain't naming them after any fookin' mullets. :p Heh.

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Dr. Song, no. It sounds way too much like a musician and gives the wrong idea. The place also gives that small office feel of a mental facility more than the surgical feel of a dental clinic. Look at the comfortable furniture in both rooms!

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Eh, it's just what they made me think of when I first saw them. It was just a suggestion. >_> >>283
That's what I meant.

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File: 1245474866215.png -(434.5 KiB, 1344x3121) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Finally finished the character chart. Took me all day to go to each area, screencap, and paste and such. I never realized how many characters YN had until now, and even still there are so many that are unnamed.
Didn't add general characters like Uboa, Poniko, Monoe, and Monoko-- added Masada for filler space :\
I left unnamed characters blank, and added the names to some of them. I will change the name if there is disagreement and/or there are at least 5 new names added.

Another thing, though-- I'm kind of iffy on Wapuman as Organoid, and would rather is stay as Organoid, since it just seems to fit more. :\
Not so sure about Aka no Ousama, UNKOHEA Eater, Zettai Kami, Tsuribito-san, Kubi nashi kyojin, Baird Private SHAA, Yami Bouzu, Goppa-kun, and Kaonashi. Remember, the names may not be "official from the Japanese Fanbase" from that site, and could be names that the artist came up with. If we name it something Japanese, are we really doing it to make things easier to remember? Why name it Japanese?

They look like some kind of musical performer. Judging from the haircuts, they look like... Rock? Heavy Metal? I don't know, I'm turning into a hikkikomori like Madotsuki (Which is also why I promised myself I'd take a break from the computer next week) -- and I'm not into America's media society anymore. (Fuck Hannah Montana and that shit. I'm gonna go listen to Touhou remixes >U.)

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Woah... I never noticed the severed heads in the monochrome world... Where are they?
And just to get this out with another messed up theory... Do they have a connection with Mado's parents maybe?

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Those white things in the candle world always remind me of the lizard tail enemies from Super Mario Land 2's Pumpkin Zone.

>> No.291   [Delete]   [Edit]



You do know you can light up that passage with the lamp effect, right? :\

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I always called the thing in Uboa's dimension Looker, just to note.

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Don't forget Death Chime as an alternate name for the jellyfish.

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The one above the Alley Demon on the Sewer area looks like a Pirori for me...

>> No.296   [Delete]   [Edit]

Yeah, but usually I avoid it because I like to keep the speed boost. I added that small note to see if we should name them or keep it simple and just call them 'eyes'.

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I think we shouldn't just leech all the names from the Japanese fans. They're not official. That's a bit weeaboo and could cause confusion. Simple english names will help everyone, especially new people, understand who we're talking about.
Also, do you call all the Pokémon by their Japanese names? There's a reason why a lot of them are changed. And that is official, and there is a large difference between English and Japanese names, but if the words refer to what the Pokémon is, then it all works out. Cubone had bones, Bayleef has leafs, Rhidon is a rhinoceroses, ect.

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The same way you access Monoe. Find that hut with two entrances and Dave Spector meandering around the area. Stab Dave and go in the other cave instead of the one that leads to Monoe. (I can't remember which was which.) You'll travel across a monochrome fiery landscape to this shed. If Madotsuki goes in the shed, the severed heads fly down and hover oddly around the roof. The place reminds me of some kind of industrial park and that red tentacle can be seen in the background.

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>complaining about weeaboo on a Yume Nikki board


>> No.312   [Delete]   [Edit]

The point is that it's hard to learn so many Japanese names. It's easier to tell what someone's talking about and less confusing when creatures are given a simple English name that refers to what they are/look like.

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You must like 4Kids.

>> No.317   [Delete]   [Edit]

Okay, perhaps a different name, but he DOES seem like a doctor of some sort.

>> No.318   [Delete]   [Edit]

Faceless women are the ohaguro-bettari
Wikipedia says:

>the ohaguro-bettari (a figure, usually female, that turns to reveal a face with only a blackened mouth)
>> No.320   [Delete]   [Edit]

I always thought this creature was some kind of king for the species of Uboa, and the things in the sewers like Leg Vomit Bean Shit Man and his pals are ambassadors/high-ranked people, while Uboa and the Alley Demon are simply... normal people?

Also probably obvious, but shouldn't the eye/arm creature in the eyeball world be called Medamaude...?

Last edited 09/06/21(Sun)01:25.

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Sensei should go on the end, then. I think you like the title Dr., myself. Your name is DocDragon, afterall.

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File: 1245590511857.png -(578 B, 56x58) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I suggest calling this one Hurry, he always looked to me like he's eager to get somewhere fast, by the way he moves.

Last edited 09/06/21(Sun)06:22.

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Not really.

I was just trying to get people to fight less over it..
>>297 had a point, and I was reinforcing what he/she said. No need to be a jerk. :|

>> No.324   [Delete]   [Edit]

Let's call the guys on the train Nowhere Men.

>> No.325   [Delete]   [Edit]

Ohh, I like this idea on several levels.

>> No.326   [Delete]   [Edit]

I love you.

>> No.328   [Delete]   [Edit]

Shit. Why didn't I think of that?

>> No.329   [Delete]   [Edit]

So, if we're renaming even the already known monsters, how about "Rubbin' Williams" for Kyukyu and "Ballooney" for Takofuusen ('cause he looks well fed and, duh, he's a balloon)?
Also, the eye guys in the White Desert could be just called, well, "eye people" or "eye folks", and the cube that leads there the "eye totem"...

>> No.330   [Delete]   [Edit]

Chuck Uboarris

>> No.331   [Delete]   [Edit]

That's fine with me.
My point is call them whatever you want as long as everyone else understands.
inb4 objections to calling Kyukipz and tacoface other things.
Also Eye Folk is great.

>> No.332   [Delete]   [Edit]


Rubbin' Williams made me laugh. Very hard.

>> No.334   [Delete]   [Edit]

The way I see it, I think we should keep the names that have been well-established in both the Japanese and English communities, but feel free to come up with names for those who have names that are not well known or have remained nameless.

>> No.335   [Delete]   [Edit]

Ugh, thank you. I was going to say so myself, but I've been out all day.

Please continue naming characters who have often changing names and those who do not have names.

And, about the Faceless girls... let's stick to "Faceless/No Face" or "Blue" girls, please. People keep saying "oh, they're chelsea smile fasldfjalsj something-onna" but honestly, they don't need these fancy-ass names. Most of the time they're referred to as either 'faceless' or 'blue' and usually someone understands it. Okay?

>> No.336   [Delete]   [Edit]


I think that should apply to most of the characters; what's the use of giving them long, cool-sounding and meaningful names, if no-one would remember them?

>> No.338   [Delete]   [Edit]

This still won't change the trend of keeping the names Japanese among a lot of players who respect Japanese culture. So feel free to post localisations. It may or may not catch on. I already mentioned Death Chime.

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File: 1245754331323.png -(27.5 KiB, 600x636) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.340   [Delete]   [Edit]

Fuck you

>> No.341   [Delete]   [Edit]

Actually, the pic is absurd enough to be funny.

>> No.342   [Delete]   [Edit]

Alright guys, I think we should get around to clearing up the Pending list.
Should we keep Pissipissini, Goppa-kun, Batsu, Dave Spector, Jiji, Kurage Juushoku, and Pirori as new names?

As for me: Kind of Iffy on Goppa-kun and Batsu, but they're the only names out. Everything else is fine by me.

Just incase no one can remember-
Pissipissini- red eyed blob in the Dark World
Goppa-kun- Blood spitting monsters on the footprint trail
Batsu- Plants with Eyes in Wilderness A
Dave Spector- OP pic
Jiji- It's that cat on top of the Mall.
Kurage Juushoku- The ringing Jellyfish
Pirori- Shadow men that live in the Barracks Settlement.

>> No.343   [Delete]   [Edit]



Pissipissini - I don't like this one all that much. It's kind of silly, and doesn't fit very well.
Goppa-kun - There's nothing wrong with this one, actually. I would drop the '-kun', though. The name could be used to describe all the monsters, and if someone would want to talk about a specific one, colours could be used. Like 'the blue Goppa', 'the Yellow Goppa'.
Batsu - Not sure about this.
Dave Spector - I absolutely love this one. It fits perfectly.
Jiji - Cute. It's either this or 'Black Cat'.
Kurage Juushoku - I think I like 'Death Chime' more, but 'Kurage Juushoku' isn't that bad. A little long, but okay.
Pirori - I would leave them as 'shadow men'. They're easily recognizable by that, and I see no reason to complicate it further.

>> No.344   [Delete]   [Edit]

For singing O, O-Sensei, Dr. O or Counselor O sounds good.

As for the e, e-san (with emphasis on lowercase.)

Last edited 09/06/24(Wed)04:40.

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Well, people do call Kyukyu as "Rubrub" a lot. Not that it's that much different...


Pissipissini- I think Yami Bouzu sounds less...random.
Goppa-kun- I really like "Goppa". It kinda...sounds like the right name. Or something.
Batsu - I'm not able to relate this name to the plants
Dave Spector - Totally yes
Jiji - Cute, but same thing as Batsu, I can't relate it to the cats in any way...
Kurage Juushoku - We could call them Death Jellyfish since everyone knows them as Jellyfish-guys
Pirori - Shadow Men sounds cooler

>> No.346   [Delete]   [Edit]

Sounds like we'll be dropping 'Pissipissini' off the list. Aw, I liked that name, since whenever I go around the Dark World I always end up stopping because this thing is in my way, and it PISSES me off.
Goppa and Dave Spector will be on the newly named list.
As for the rest, they will be dropped from pending-- and Kurage Juushoku will remain as 'Jellyfish', since it's the most recognizeable name for it.

Anything else?
Do you want me to put all three names on the pending list? Or just pick one to go.

>> No.347   [Delete]   [Edit]

That guy always made me think of a counselor that played soothing music in his room. I like the name Dr. O best.

As for the e dude everyone used to just call him E-Guy..

>> No.348   [Delete]   [Edit]

Since we have a very similar monster in mythology, Yami Bozu is very fine.
Batsu? How about "Eye Vine"? (as you can guess I like simple and musical names XD )
And how can we forget about the awesome "Cube Guru"?

>> No.349   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1245874868639.png -(453.4 KiB, 1344x3121) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I took the chart Meri made and put some names/suggestions on it so that I wouldn't have to upload multiple images. Some are mere ideas-- don't yell at me if you don't like them.

I won't touch upon the self-explanatory names in the image, but here's some origins of the names.

-Meimu and Irujon are both different words for "illusion". When you interact with them an illusory copy of it follows you.
-The box-like thing that takes you to the Eye Guys looks like a totem, obviously.
-I thought the guy in the place Big Red sends you looks like a psychic, so I thought Psy-Guy would be a good name.
-Datai means "miscarriage". I'm not great with Japanese so if I'm wrong about any translations don't hesitate to say so. People say these things look like pregnant women with their heads cut off, so that's what I thought of.
-I think those guys in candle world look like they're made of wax.
-Kaleido-san is named after kaleidoscope, obviously. When I first saw it I thought of the Sharingan from that anime all the kids from where I live are obsessed with- I think it means "Kaleidoscope eyes".
Dali-san is named after the surrealist artist Salvador Dali.
-The thing that gives you Buyo Buyo must have a connection of some sort to the effect, right? We could just name it Buyo Buyo, like how Medamaude gives you the Medamaude effect.

Hurry, Nowhere Men, Goppa, Eye Vine and some others added as suggested. I added Red Man (named by Madotsuki's Closet) as well.

>> No.352   [Delete]   [Edit]

What kind of retarded name is Dave Spector? They don't look a bit ghostly and there happen to be two of them.

>> No.353   [Delete]   [Edit]

I didn't come up with that one. I thought Spector is referring to "InspectOr" as in a private eye or something instead of "SpectEr" which refers to a ghost.

>> No.354   [Delete]   [Edit]

Let me try with a bunch of names for O thing:
-Joe Perry
-Big O
-Mini O

Also, that thing reminds me of Beavis and Butthead too.
What about Butthead then?:>

>> No.359   [Delete]   [Edit]


Dave Spector is an American celebrity who is very popular in Japan. Likely one of the Japanese YN fans thought that the character had a huge gaijin nose and eyes, which makes the name even more hilarious, in my opinion.

I say we keep it.

>> No.360   [Delete]   [Edit]

I've never heard of him, so I just Google Image'd him. The hairstyle is amusingly very similar.

>> No.361   [Delete]   [Edit]

O-Sensei was my primary suggestion, as sensei can mean doctor.

Gaijin is derogatory, politically incorrect and banned from television in Japan. It is used for all people of non-Japanese blood. The usage is comparible to Nazism.
Edit: Not that it matters on an imageboard.

Last edited 09/06/25(Thu)11:09.

>> No.362   [Delete]   [Edit]


I am aware of the implications of the word. But there is something to be said about being facetious. Hurr durr.

>> No.363   [Delete]   [Edit]

Some stuff I'd like to say:

  1. The little blob in the sewers reminds me of a Dragon Quest blob.
  2. The little blue/green flashing creature at the docks reminds me of a Tamagotchi.
  3. The tree that gives you the witch effect looks like the trees in forever forest in Paper Mario.
>> No.364   [Delete]   [Edit]

To me, the witch effect's location reminded me of the first dungeon in the original LoZ. A dead tree with a face on an island in the middle of a lake reached by crossing a long wooden bridge.

>> No.366   [Delete]   [Edit]

Gabugabu (to guzzle) can at least be the nickname of Onsen-san. I really think he's drinking hot water through his tube, and his mouth seems to be swallowing. He turns blue when dead, and of course stops drinking. His body cools down?

Again, "e" Man would be good, with the "" for grammatical correctness, to show it is an unusual spelling.

I know, it's just a fact I like to mention for the gullible weeaboos who would allow people to call them that.

Last edited 09/06/25(Thu)22:18.

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File: 1246055697718.png -(120.2 KiB, 450x352) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I don't think another name for it is really necessary, but it'd be fine to have a nickname, as long as other people know what you're talking about. People call it Hot-Spring-san also, so whatever. XD

So~ All that's left to do is vote on the pending names and suggest names for things that don't have names yet.

>> No.372   [Delete]   [Edit]

W-woah! Where the hell do you find THAT thing?

>> No.374   [Delete]   [Edit]

I forgot exactly where, but Onsen-san is somewhere in the desertlike area with the vines. Search for a house like in the barracks where the Shadow Men live. c:

Sorry I can't give you detailed instructions, but the desert area's so large and loops a lot... =_=

>> No.375   [Delete]   [Edit]

Zettai Kami seems to mean absolute god by my research. Zettai Kami is Aztec Rave Monkey, which is in itself a vague interpretation from his "tail".

>> No.381   [Delete]   [Edit]

That thing gets to me so much. I think he, out of all the random creatures, is the most pathetic. It seems like he's looking back at his trunk appendage and crying over it; he looks like he's terrified of what's going on with his own body but can't do anything to stop it(because he has no arms, and his body is too small to support the weight of his head and that thing coming off of it).

Not to mention that the music in his little room is freaking scary.

>> No.382   [Delete]   [Edit]

I laughed so hard at your comment. Did you notice the little tinkly sounds in the background of the song, as well? That only makes it worse, now that I can't forget what you said.

>> No.383   [Delete]   [Edit]

I actually like the music in his room. It doesn't strike me as being scary at all.

Then again, I'm one of few people that seems to like the music at the Cliff That Time Forgot (that random cave found in the Underworld) of EarthBound. <http://starmen.net/mother2/music/139-%20Earthbound%20-%20The%20Cliff%20that%20Time%20Forgot.mp3> Most people seemed freaked out or unnerved by this, but I think it's really cool.

>> No.385   [Delete]   [Edit]

Actually I don't know what tinkly noises you mean. D: It's been awhile since I've been to that part of the game, so I'll go reinvestigate it later.

The music there has juar always sounded like the soundtrack to a Bizarre-Tribal-Ritual-That-Will-Fuck-Up-Your-Shit (c) to me. lD

Your link 404s. :(

>> No.386   [Delete]   [Edit]

Onsen-san freaks me out.
But I love the music in the cave in the underworld in Earthbound, it freaks me out, yea, but I love it.

>> No.390   [Delete]   [Edit]

Ah. I guess the 404ing has something to do with remote hosting. Go to <http://starmen.net/mother2/music/> and click on "The Cliff that Time Forgot" to hear the tune I was referring to; it's near the bottom-most third of the second list.

>> No.418   [Delete]   [Edit]

Ohh, well I agree with you that it is cool. <3 But cool in a very unnerving sort of way.

>> No.422   [Delete]   [Edit]

You guys are silly. When you click the URL remove the ">" at the end and it should work normally.

>> No.423   [Delete]   [Edit]

Aw, crud; you're right. I should have never added those braces to begin with, but I used them to make the URL visually stand out from the rest of the text.

>> No.429   [Delete]   [Edit]

Guys, I'm putting 'Pissipissini' back on the pending list, since I see that in the other thread that people are using his name instead of 'Yami Bouzu'.

>> No.436   [Delete]   [Edit]

The Nasu protagonist should be Nasu Man. It's simple, but works. I wish it could reference Jump Man (Mario's original name in Donkey Kong.)

>> No.484   [Delete]   [Edit]

This thread has been rather barren, lately. There's still a multitude of characters that haven't been named, so we should work on the pending list now.

>> No.489   [Delete]   [Edit]

There are still a multitude of suggestions you haven't attended to. OP Negligence is a reason for thread death in some cases.

Last edited 09/07/08(Wed)11:51.

>> No.490   [Delete]   [Edit]

Throwing in a few more names: Eagle Jelly (that thing in the Water's Edge), Salem Tree (or the Witch Tree), Pinball (on the Neon World, guess which), Shadow Pariah (the Shadow Man-looking guy on the sewers), Paindrop (that thing that when stabbed makes a sad face), the Watching Crowd (the wheel guys that fill the room in the Number World with the blue face). Oh, and Cube Guru for the "Psy-Guy".

>> No.496   [Delete]   [Edit]

I'm late, but as for the name Jiji, it probably came from the name of the cat in Kiki's Delivery Service.

It fits to a certain degree, since witches are often seen with black cats and Jiji is the only example I can think of that has a name. It's cute, though it does seem kind of random.

>> No.498   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1247185264539.png -(6719 B, 386x214) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

<- really needs a name.

>> No.499   [Delete]   [Edit]

Things are easier to name if we know what they ARE to begin with, so what exactly would this thing be, if anything?

As for names, I've got nothin'.

>> No.500   [Delete]   [Edit]

Already mentioned.

>> No.503   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1247193937530.jpg -(55.9 KiB, 209x185) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>so what exactly would this thing be, if anything?

Get back to playing the game you newfag!

>> No.505   [Delete]   [Edit]

A puking giant lizard with long hair and little red wings?...

Really this thing should have a name by now. It's probably related to Uboa in some way.

>> No.506   [Delete]   [Edit]

How about Frank.

>> No.507   [Delete]   [Edit]

How about just Dr. O and e man? e man is meant to be written lowercase. By the way, that is NOT the multitude of individual character suggestions I mentioned. Anyway,
e man and Dr. O vote.

>> No.508   [Delete]   [Edit]


>> No.509   [Delete]   [Edit]

Steve was funny, but this is just sort of stupid.

Why do we even have to name it? I like it as "that giant thing in the place Uboa sends you", or whatever.

Trying to assign an official name to everything seems like a sort of ridiculous thing to do.

>> No.510   [Delete]   [Edit]


Duke Hector II von Lombardia, esq. The man was known for having a personal cook. Tragedy befell him when he was served tomato soup with mushrooms - the randomly-picked-in-a-forest kind of mushrooms.

>> No.511   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1247268287914.png -(10044 B, 514x428) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I prefer writing "Monoko" instead of "that girl in the white desert and gets all freaky when you use stoplight", just as I prefer writing "Uboa" instead of "that head thing that sometimes appears when you turn off the lights in Poniko's house".

Apparently, it's called 血吐入道. Does anyone know what that means?

Also, brace for fucking impact.

>> No.512   [Delete]   [Edit]

Google translator says "Humanely spit blood".

>> No.513   [Delete]   [Edit]

Ran it through a romaji translator and got "chi to nyuudou," it sounds...cute, actually. But I have no idea what it means. I looked up "nyuudou" and it apparently means priest or something? I don't even know

>> No.514   [Delete]   [Edit]

Spitting blood guy, maybe.

>> No.515   [Delete]   [Edit]

血吐入道 translated in Google language from both Japanese to French and Japanese to English reveals
"吐trousseau blood". Apparently "吐" is a character that can't be translated.(at least by Google since i don't speak Japanese).However "trousseau" is a syndrome described as "a medical sign found in certain cancers that is associated with venous thrombosis and hypercoagulability".It's associated with carcinomas of the lung and pancreas.
Maybe I'm just saying nonsense but I believe we should call him simply... "Cancer".

>> No.516   [Delete]   [Edit]

I'll add that to the pending list... but think about how that sounds in a sentence.

"You have a 1/64 chance of getting Uboa. When you do, touch him. He takes you to a space with Cancer in the background."

...Hmmm, how does it sound to you all?

>> No.517   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1247290033183.png -(128.1 KiB, 401x363) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.518   [Delete]   [Edit]

according to my shaky understanding of the nihongo, it says "Blood-barfing bald monster". or maybe "Blood-spitting monk"

>> No.519   [Delete]   [Edit]

吐 apparently means "to spit", or "to vomit"

"Vomit blood". Mmmmmmm. Something suffering a disease, maybe? That would explain why it's so utterly deformed.

This gives a whole new twist to Uboa and Poniko. What if Poniko had cancer?

>> No.520   [Delete]   [Edit]

that's exactly what i thought.usually spitting blood aka coughing blood comes from the lungs. lung cancer? or a certain infection since he does resemble a stomach
so maybe Poniko died of cancer and Uboa, as simple and cliche as it may sound, probably resembles death or just the disease itself

Last edited 09/07/11(Sat)05:34.

>> No.521   [Delete]   [Edit]

I think we should just call Aztec Rave Monkey "God". He does seem like a god, after all - he appears in the background of a lot of places.

>> No.522   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1247324899298.jpg -(82.9 KiB, 450x188) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

From what it seems, "Cancer" could also be called "Onyudo", which is a typical legendary japanese monster.

The resemblance is very small, though, other than being a huge black thing, they share no resemblance. I'm all for calling it "Cancer".

>> No.523   [Delete]   [Edit]

You guys do know that Google translate is like, a hilariously bad translator, right? It's never accurate and that was probably not an accurate translation.

That being said, Cancer doesn't sound like a name to me and it's a little dumb. If it has to be named, I vote for Trousseau just because it's silly.

Though to be honest, I think it's named after the monster in >>522, so also going with the translation >>518 gave, 血吐入道 means blood-barfing/blood-spitting giant Japanese monster Onyudo thing. There.

>> No.524   [Delete]   [Edit]

Frank "Bloody" Paperfly? XD

>> No.525   [Delete]   [Edit]


>> No.526   [Delete]   [Edit]

I can't be the only person that thinks that Steve is stupid. Then again, I never thought it was that funny when people give things monosyllabic, nondescript masculine names.

Ugh, no.

I'm not crazy about Cancer, either. It's almost , uh, too cute or endearing. I was thinking that "Jugular," "Corpuscle," or "Hemoglobin" might be okay--something blood-related.

>> No.527   [Delete]   [Edit]

I think we should stay calling it "Cancer".
After all, we don't call Uboa "Uboar", when it's actually the right word.

That, and naming everything with japanese names might get a little...confusing.

>> No.528   [Delete]   [Edit]

Cancer is endearing in a chan sense. I like blood vomit.

>> No.530   [Delete]   [Edit]

"Uboar" is no more the "right word" than "Uvoa" or any other alternate romanizations of "ウボア".

>> No.531   [Delete]   [Edit]

uvoa sounds really gross for some reason ew
uh ok where did you get "uboar" from? I've never heard that ever. And at what point exactly were we going to call it anything Japanese?

>> No.532   [Delete]   [Edit]


>> No.533   [Delete]   [Edit]

You are definitely not the only person who thinks "steve" is stupid. Because, well, it is stupid.

>> No.534   [Delete]   [Edit]

Frightening thought.

>> No.536   [Delete]   [Edit]

I thought it was stuipid as well, or else I wouldn't have begged to add that "dead leaf" motif to his name. "Frank" was too dumb, so I thought an even dumber name to come up with!
I like "Cancer", but Hemoglobine sounds cooler.

>> No.538   [Delete]   [Edit]

There is no point to this thread, if anything giving the characters "official" names subtracts from the whole point of the game.

Remember when Masada was "The Space paino man" the Toriningen where "Bird Girls" or "Harpy" the game was full of life and mystery.

Giving all of them names only subtracts from the game as a whole.

The Uboa monster guy should be known as just that.

New fags. All of you.

>> No.539   [Delete]   [Edit]


>New [space] fags
>> No.540   [Delete]   [Edit]

I mistyped.
Thanks for the correction Annon.
You are all Newfags. :|

Last edited 09/07/12(Sun)12:30.

>> No.541   [Delete]   [Edit]

And you are a troll sir. Now see, we like people who propose, comment or post content, not those who come just to criticize pointlessly. We're not making them "the official names" since only Madotsuki's is, it's all Just For Fun.
And it's "Anon", just like you are! Vote: D-

>> No.542   [Delete]   [Edit]

Ok then, I misunderstood the point of the thread.
I really just wanted to throw the point that naming all of the characters might be a bad Idea. :\
Didn't intend to start anything, really.
Its early in the morning and I shouldn't be posting anyways.
Ill go back to lurking & next time I wont throw around names 9_9;
Sorry guys, Have fun.

PS: The Poo monsters name should be Betty.

Last edited 09/07/12(Sun)14:25.

>> No.564   [Delete]   [Edit]


>Ill go back to lurking & next time I wont throw around names 9_9;
>lurking & next


>> No.581   [Delete]   [Edit]



Also, BUMP

>> No.597   [Delete]   [Edit]

If we're going to name every creature, someone has to make a website with a picture and the name of every creature for reference. Who's up to it?

>> No.598   [Delete]   [Edit]


I'd totally do it, if Yahoo Geocities wasn't down. Any other free website-making sites that don't put a shitload of ads on them?

>> No.599   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1248084539610.jpg -(182.2 KiB, 600x474) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I think we should just call him the Aztec Rave Monkey much like he has always been called :/ After all, God doesn't make much sense. Madotsuki is the only god.

>> No.601   [Delete]   [Edit]

I don't know of much other than Yahoo or Freewebs (but Freewebs is shit so don't even bother with that).
There's Ababa, which you can try, but I never used it so I don't know about how useful it'd be.

Last edited 09/07/20(Mon)15:07.

>> No.622   [Delete]   [Edit]

For probably the first and the last time: DREAMS DON'T HAVE TO MAKE ANY FUCKING SENSE!!! With that said, monkey is equally as vague.

>> No.623   [Delete]   [Edit]

aztec rave monkey is a much more awesome name than just god though :I

Isn't there a Yume Nikki wiki that's a little dead? Why don't we just use that?

>> No.626   [Delete]   [Edit]

Also, if you were talking to someone about it and said 'Aztec Rave Monkey' they'd probably know what you were referring to, whereas if you just said 'God' they'd be like "Whut."

>> No.627   [Delete]   [Edit]

That's actually a good idea. I might make/update an already existing 'Creatures' page if we have to. :d

I also agree with keeping the title 'Aztec Rave Monkey'. It's not too general, and most people will be able to figure out what you're talking about when you say it.

>> No.628   [Delete]   [Edit]

Have you tested it on someone who hasn't heard the name? I've had to explain both names every time.

With that said, Aztec Rave God is equally as effective. Monkey isn't the word that gives the character off.

Last edited 09/07/23(Thu)20:34.

>> No.629   [Delete]   [Edit]

But it looks like a monkey. lD

>> No.630   [Delete]   [Edit]

More people who've played the game actually know that name and thus tend to know what you would be talking about. It's not a well-known character anyways, so some people wouldn't know either name.

and it does look like a monkey

Last edited 09/07/23(Thu)21:27.

>> No.659   [Delete]   [Edit]

Elaborate or no, it doesn't.

>> No.755   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1250268446405.jpg -(64.3 KiB, 627x457) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I think the man in the picture >>239 should be named Dali, because he looks like something out of a Salvador Dali painting!

>> No.756   [Delete]   [Edit]

>>349 Ah, didn't see this! Somebody apparently picked up on the same idea xD;

>> No.769   [Delete]   [Edit]

Sorry for not posting lately. I've been at the beach not having fun because of the lack of internet and Photoshop.

He was named 'Dave Spector', but if enough people want 'Dali' we can vote for that as well.

We should try to clean up the 'Pending' List, since lately it's been stocking up on names and there hasn't been any discussion on them.

>> No.771   [Delete]   [Edit]

I like the name Jiji for the cat up on the ceiling where you use the witch power. It's a shout-out to ghibli, Kiki's cat was named Jiji.

>> No.780   [Delete]   [Edit]

Hey people. Im a YN veteran here, ever since about it came out, and I was VERY interested in exploring the game and getting all effects and naming EVERY creature. I made a list for what I named the creatures between 04' - 06' or around those years. Just my opinion on the names, I like abstract concepts and symbolism, so here goes nothing. I'll work my way down in terms of popularity among the fandom.

Uboa = To be honest, I couldn't think of a name for this guy, so I just went with "Frightful"
Madostuki = I always knew she was Madostuki, but I called her "Window" for some reason.
Poniko = Beauty
Masada = The Isolated Musician
Monoe = Sister
Monoko = Disfigurement
KyuKyu = Abstract
FACE = Didn't name it, he looked like a pattern or static more than a creature.
Toriningen = Guardians
The Thing With The Quivering Jaw = Entrapment
Shitai = Accidental
Big Red = Hunger
Steve "Leif" Kareha = Took me a long time to find out this bugger exists, but I named him "Travel"

I found most, if not all creatures, but those were all the symbolized names. All other names were random things I could think of, like Shikyuu = Watching or Tokuto-kun = Drip Drip.

If I had photoshop and free time I could make my own version of the chart, but nobody cares, all the names are decided (and quite nice, might I add).

>> No.781   [Delete]   [Edit]

wasn't uboa's original name unpronouncable

>> No.782   [Delete]   [Edit]

What was Uboa's original name?

>> No.783   [Delete]   [Edit]

are you sure you're not mistaking him with Masada? as far as i know uboa was always uboa

>> No.784   [Delete]   [Edit]


How did you find it around its release? I'm kind of envious because I didn't find it until 2008.

Last edited 09/08/31(Mon)05:40.

>> No.787   [Delete]   [Edit]


I was messing around with a shiny new translator, so I was clicking random links, going to japanese sites, and by a 1/1,000,000 chance, I found http://b.hatena.ne.jp/entry/www3.nns.ne.jp/pri/tk-mto/ . At least, I think that's the site.

I didnt know what to expect, and couldnt read the instructions, so it took me roughly a year 1/2 to translate what to do and then actually beat the game.

>> No.789   [Delete]   [Edit]


>I didnt know what to expect, and couldnt read the instructions, so it took me roughly a year 1/2 to come to terms with my homosexuality.


>> No.790   [Delete]   [Edit]



>> No.842   [Delete]   [Edit]
>Big O


>> No.843   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1254754990472.png -(1555 B, 69x129) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I called this guy "midorihito" and means "green person" if my japanese is right.
Nobody notice he looks like Shitai-san?

>> No.844   [Delete]   [Edit]

Considering there's many people in the "mall" area and some by the cliff in the Sky Garden that are all in the same sprite style (although skin color varies), Shitai could be related to them.

>> No.854   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1255468737104.png -(1670 B, 151x99) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

These guys look like they want a hug. Then to devour me. I think we should call them lures.

>> No.855   [Delete]   [Edit]

I always referred to the small snake-like creature at the pier as "Nessie". BUt then again, that's also how I referred to that green sea creature thing in the little pond at the place where you find the witch ability. I think one of those creatures should be called "Nessie", but I'm not sure which one.

>> No.869   [Delete]   [Edit]

Straight hair: Ichitori
Pigtails: Nitori
Cut-off pigtail: Santori

What happens when you flip the hiragana backwards? That is one possibility, or attaching something to the beginning of the name, for the demented versions. In order, these names are tori 1, tori 2 and tori 3.

Edit: Named the third 4. Temporary retardation.

Last edited 09/10/26(Mon)10:01.

>> No.870   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1256587235599.jpg -(42.6 KiB, 200x199) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Nobody loves you, Amy S.

>> No.871   [Delete]   [Edit]

Is that supposed to bother me? I finally came up with simple names for the long-nameless Toriningen. It is only a personal suggestion though. Or maybe there is jealosy for being the first here to give the individuals names? Whatever the fuck. If you don't like people like me, get off the Internet. Many more are out there. Maybe I just took your bait, though.

>> No.872   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1256672600917.jpg -(11.3 KiB, 265x297) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.877   [Delete]   [Edit]

Actually, you act like a jerkass half the time with little to no tolerance for other people's opinions, so even though the (possible) troll was a little harsh it wasn't necessarily uncalled for. :\
There's nothing wrong with naming Toriningen, however, I personally think they're better just being called by what they are.

>> No.904   [Delete]   [Edit]

This is a little late, but zero tolerance is something I've come to expect from everyone else. This community feels no different than any other chan. If I can see promise in it, maybe I won't act like a jerk towards conflicting oppinions. I have learned that if you show weakness in your judgment, you will get stomped on in most chans. The first step to make me lower my guard and try to act nice is to stop attacking me at random, especially with images of my own savior.

Edit: I don't propose the names of the Toriningen as definitive, but more like an identification code. That is why they are numbers. It is also as simple as most names that originated in Japan. For example, Poniko is better Romanized as Ponyko, meaning ponytail kid.

Last edited 09/11/17(Tue)01:45.

>> No.905   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1258478291416.jpg -(63.9 KiB, 500x406) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>>Is that supposed to bother me? I finally came up with simple names for the long-nameless Toriningen. It is only a personal suggestion though. Or maybe there is jealosy for being the first here to give the individuals names? Whatever the fuck. If you don't like people like me, get off the Internet. Many more are out there. Maybe I just took your bait, though.


>>This is a little late, but zero tolerance is something I've come to expect from everyone else. This community feels no different than any other chan. If I can see promise in it, maybe I won't act like a jerk towards conflicting oppinions. I have learned that if you show weakness in your judgment, you will get stomped on in most chans. The first step to make me lower my guard and try to act nice is to stop attacking me at random, especially with images of my own savior.

Even though whoever wrote #870 was overdoing it, I'd say listing toriningen by assigned integer number is slightly less creative than most stuff here.

And you've been complaining very recently how you are horribly depressed and need medication because no therapy in the world would help you, such is the bottomless abyss of your despair.

And here you are. Assigning numerals to the toriningen. And claiming admitting any kind of uncertainty is frailty. And mentioning Jesus Christ when in opposition to His precepts, in every way I can think of.

EDIT: for anyone curious, the lengthy quotes are because emo fags here tend to delete their posts after they realize they were refuted.
DISCLAIMER: I did not write #870, #872 or #877. But that doesn't mean I don't agree.

Last edited 09/11/17(Tue)09:25.

>> No.974   [Delete]   [Edit]

I think it is time for me to get off the internet and stop pointlessly flaming people on forums. I have been a huge moron and deserve to be treated as such. Also, I am a cunt.

Last edited by moderator 09/12/18(Fri)03:22.

>> No.975   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1261124754875.jpg -(117.1 KiB, 512x592) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Oh my god guys, calm down and have some drugs.

>> No.976   [Delete]   [Edit]

As much as I love Moderating and getting to delete posts and ban users, the hostility in this thread is beyond retarded (seriously? over fan-names that don't even matter?). It's not as if you guys can't be rude, but if shit gets out of hand, someone might be staring down the barrel-end of a tempban.

...On second thought, go ahead and do something stupid. I could use the practice.

>> No.977   [Delete]   [Edit]


Seriously guys, calm down. If you wanna contribute to the naming, post in the new thread, >>917 .

>> No.978   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1261277238072.png -(18.7 KiB, 350x350) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

But kgiax doesn't read the actual site...

>> No.979   [Delete]   [Edit]

Who said anything about reading, I'm talking about banning.

>> No.980   [Delete]   [Edit]


>> No.981   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1261281762686.jpg -(101.9 KiB, 600x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You must have read the statement you responded to in order to sensibly respond to it.

>> No.982   [Delete]   [Edit]

Oh wow, you're right, you got me good.

You're banned.


Last edited by moderator 09/12/19(Sat)20:38.

>> No.983   [Delete]   [Edit]

no u

Last edited 09/12/19(Sat)20:27.

>> No.984   [Delete]   [Edit]


& now u 2

>> No.1137   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1268174789082.jpg -(51.7 KiB, 480x442) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

pic unrelated

Last edited 10/03/09(Tue)14:47.

>> No.1145   [Delete]   [Edit]

I'm not suggesting we stop calling him FACE, but because I'm freaking scared of him and because of what he supposedly resembles/represents according to most theories...I'm going to call 'im FUCKHEAD

>> No.1692   [Delete]   [Edit]

>>239 "Jiji"

YAY! Now i know that cats name!

>> No.1693   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1279601703629.jpg -(15.4 KiB, 652x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Ok, so if you havent seen on /uboa/, i thought about naming this guy "Boushihebi". It means "eye snake" in japanese

What do ya think?

>> No.1694   [Delete]   [Edit]


From what I know "boushi" does not mean eye. Me is eye, and from what I've gotten from other sites "boushi" is a term for a late older sister. Hebi does mean snake, though.

Can I ask where you got "boushi" from?

Last edited 10/07/20(Tue)00:13.

>> No.1695   [Delete]   [Edit]

Oh, sorry i didnt know. My japanese is still pretty bad and i always get words mixed up

>> No.1697   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1279660633873.jpg -(10090 B, 338x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.2024   [Delete]   [Edit]



>> No.2028   [Delete]   [Edit]

God damn it, why you bump this?

>>1697 Tattsu, Seahorsey sounds retarded.

>> No.2031   [Delete]   [Edit]

Aww, the ghosts get no names?

I fell in love with that little blue one ever since I noticed that he follows you, so I named him Marco.

C'mon, guys. Marco deserves a better name!

>> No.2076   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1284191055653.png -(101.9 KiB, 600x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

what about E-Man?

>> No.2381   [Delete]   [Edit]

I think he's fine how he is.

>> No.2455   [Delete]   [Edit]

I agree that english names would be easier to remember. Many of them work well enough just transliterating Jp names, though (ie I heard Kyuukyu-kun referred to on another board as "Mr. Squeaks", and "Mr. Bucket" and "Mr. Corpse" work well enough for those characters.) In this light, I'd suggest that the orange thing be called "Seahorse", or maybe "Dragon" (as that would be a literal translation of "tatsu").

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>Implying everyone needs Mr. in front of their name to be memorable, and that KyuKyu, Tokuto, and Shitai don't already have concrete names.
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>implying that "Mr." is to make them memorable rather than simply attempting to translate the honorific
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Oh, FFS. If you're going to argue with me, do it on the new thread, because I said the same fucking thing there. I assumed you had responded to the post on the new thread, and responded without looking, so half of that is what I get for not paying attention, but >>917 go argue with me RIGHT, dammit.

Sage because it's already on the top and whole post is about NOT bumping this thread.

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I actually did see that other post before responding here. I never intended to argue with you, I was just saying that it bothers me when people make up names for characters that already have popualrly used names.

I'm sorry if I missed the point you were trying to make.

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Oh. Sorry.

The point I was trying to make is translating the names directly could be useful for persons new to the fandom, or the (admittedly scarce) segment of the fandom that is not also weeaboo.

I meant no negative connotation to "argument", as I consider them useful.

Sage still, because I don't want to bump the old thread. Pic saved, because seriously, who can keep being irritated when you bust that out at them?

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