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This guy, the guy on the train that takes you to the witch effect... He's my favorite character. He looks like he's shivering... or sick... or something. I always sit next to him because I feel bad for him. Discuss.

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Hurry! i love him.
i don't know why but i would really like to make or have a plush of him...

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Enjoy my crap art.

I always imagined him to be leaning against a red pillow rather than a blanket or horns or whatever some people think that red behind him is. I find him actually kinda cute :V

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He's one of my favorite YN characters, as well.

I've always seen him as a turtle, though.

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it would make sense, but the cat effect reveals that he's a cyclops with a squinty eye. Cat effect makes him widen his eye and tense for a moment.

But the pillow thing in interesting and cute. I always thought it hair, or a shawl even.

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It doesn't look like a real eye, though. It looks sort of like a camoflague sort of thing.

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Sorry, english isn't my first language.
Can you forgive me?

So, I thought that it was blood.

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Eep, sorry ^_^;;

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File: 1295406277641.png -(206.6 KiB, 640x422) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's some decent art I did in photoshop.

Why's he called "Hurry"? Does anybody know?

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It's because someone in the naming thread thought the way he moved looked rushed.

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