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hey Uboachan, is there a name for this guy? or any fanart or anything? I've really taken a liking to him for some reason.

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I call him afro–san.

What? He has hair.

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mfw I looked closer

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ok gold? old king gold by any chance? :3
also I think afro-san is a good name for him

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I kind of thought of Daredoloku-san because he looks more like he has dreadlocks. Maybe name him after Bob Marly?

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daredoloku-san is kind of long, maybe just daredo-san for short?

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What about Spencer?

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I vote for this.

Isn't there a naming thread somewhere?

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He sorta does look like a stoner, with the dreads and chinbeard...

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dude he is high as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

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