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Corpse-kun or Shitai-san

why he's become so popular? just being laying dead in the street and has green skin,he's do nothing but just laying, it'll be much sense if Dave Spector who become popular since he's more unique and not just laying dead
he's even always look pretty cool in fan-arts and always along with monoe, like somewhat a couple
yeah, but actually he's my favorite character, cause he looks pretty cool, but still, he's just a corpse in the game

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I think he's just popular because he's a humanoid-character.

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there's plenty of humanoid character like Dave Spector,Blue Girl or Oni and they not so popular compared to Corpse-kun
They moves a lot rather just laying dead and even Corpse-kun's face never been showed
but he always depicted as such a cool and handsome guy, why? there must be something about this

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His effect is pretty useful (stops toriningen) and, like you said, he looks pretty cool. In Yume Nikki, if you look cool. you're almost automatically popular.

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I would imagine that being scrawled across the road he wouldn't have much of a face.

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OP said that he's always drawn as being handsome and cool, and they dont understand why that is when he is a smooshed dead body that has his face most likely scraped off. he also looks like he's in the advance stages of rotting. so kawaii bishi~~

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if you htink about it almost all YN fanart is kawaii anime

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i think this board need /Corpse/ or /Shitai/

and another cool pic

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Shitai is an excellent example of why I hate fangirlism; He's about the only other humanoid character in the game.
Dave Spector is misproportioned, and Oni is too low-res and pixely to be such
Shitai is the most human way to make Masada take it up the ass.

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yeah, maybe for fangirls this game lacks of male character, masada just isn't enough so they just making up those even nonsense character just because he's more-like human
this character is too. . . .um. . .forced?

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It isn't like it's against the rules to depict characters that don't do anything. The fact that he's alone, unlike the mall people, gives him distinction. Someone decided to draw him and it must have appealed to a lot of people, like an anime protagonist, so everyone hopped on board with the fan-representation of him.

Although I have to admit that I don't understand why he's paired off with Monoe. He's more directly related to Monoko by virtue of the stoplight effect, but I guess that it's because everyone plays those two off like they're siblings, and Monoe looks older because of her more mature hairstyle and therefore closer to his fan-representation's physical age. It isn't a huge stretch.

Undead characters are getting popular these days. It was bound to happen, if you consider that the cat effect makes him move.

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Kamakurako also does nothing except sleep and she's got loads of fanart for her, I don't see your point...

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File: 1292109229706.jpg -(274.7 KiB, 1024x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

this one really cool!!!
maybe it's based on theories that they once are friends of Madotsuki, Corpse-kun maybe have some relationship with Monoe, and after they all deceased maybe in car accident, he must be has doing something about Monoko's death and maybe Mafurako is also included, since they're the only person whom stoplight give them different respond than any other
i really forget about her, but she still make a sense since she was still looks alive

Last edited 10/12/15(Wed)03:45.

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For me, he always stood out as being more pitiful than any other character in the game. He's dead or maimed (moves when you use the cat effect), and that's pretty much all that you get to know about him. I may be biased on this since he's the first character I encountered. Also, isn't he pretty much the source of all the car accident theories?

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Perhaps he doesn't relate to any human at all? perhaps in that particular dream world, it's the end of a zombie apocalypse and he was one of the stranglers who got run down because somebody purposly ran a post-apocalyptic stop light.

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K OP Think this- Why would Shitai be your favorite character?

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File: 1293598588884.jpg -(101.4 KiB, 600x454) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

That's probably the same reason he's my favorite of the minor characters, now that I think about it.

I felt really sorry for him, sprawled out across the street by himself and bleeding to death (or already dead?) with no one around to do anything to help...and of course Madotsuki doesn't do anything either and I hated having to just leave him there.

That being said, there doesn't have to be a "reason" to like a character. I mean, I personally don't care much about Monoko and Monoe, but lots of other people do.

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I don't like Shitai because he's humanoid. I just like him 'cause he's just lying there. Being dead and stuff. Dead/zombie stuff is just nice, even if it doesn't move it's still nice. Deal with it.

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He's just lying there in a puddle of blood. Doing nothing, just being dead and stuff & being a tiny bit zombie like ...just what's not to like about that? I don't like him because he's humanoid or anything, I mean, I like Kyukyu-kun and uboa too and there's nothing humanoid about them. Maybe Shitai is just popular because he's dead and there are quite a lot of people who like dead things.

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You all realize he's not dead right?

He's a living human rotting in the street
Just lying there face down in probably the most extreme of pain soakied in his own blood waiting for death.

I think that's why he's pretty popular.

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So along came the police, plonked down some cones and went on their merry way.

Last edited 11/07/18(Mon)12:46.

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Presumed dead by them atleast.

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Some people thought YN needed a pretty guy, and Shitai's face was conveniently hidden. I don't think any further explanation is necessary

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I like necro/guro stuff and Shitai just did it for me.

But it makes me mad when people portrayed him as a normal guy who happened to be green.

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File: 1315512501381.jpg -(457.7 KiB, 1300x813) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I belive in the theory that Monoko is a girl who were in a car accident. I also belive that Shitai is the one responsible for that car crash. I mean you get the stoplight from him, that must be some kind of hint?
I also think this explains his condition. Maybe he is portrayed as a rotten corpse because he suffers from some sort of depression or despair because he killed another human being?

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